Colleen Sheehey-Church

MADD National President

January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2017

Colleen Sheehey-Church joined MADD in 2005, a year after her 18-year-old son Dustin drowned after the car he was riding in, driven by a teen with alcohol and drugs in her system, crashed into a river, trapping Dustin in the vehicle.
Before becoming National President in 2015, Colleen served on MADD’s National Board of Directors beginning in 2010. As a devoted volunteer for MADD Connecticut serving on the State Advisory Board, she has spoken at Victim Impact Panels and in high schools and has urged legislators for stronger drunk driving laws with her husband, Skip. Her tireless advocacy on a local, state and national level resulted in her being named National President.
As MADD’s national spokesperson and advocate, Colleen speaks to lawmakers across the country about the importance of legislation requiring ignition interlocks for all drunk driving offenders, a key part of MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving®. She also spreads the message to parents to talk to their teens about not drinking alcohol until 21, knowing firsthand how the heartbreaking consequences impact families and entire communities.
Colleen continues to raise awareness for MADD’s victim services—even serving as a volunteer on MADD’s 24/7 helpline, 877-MADD-HELP. Her passion is being a voice for victims and survivors that have been impacted by the violent and preventable crime of drunk or drugged driving, and an advocate for the loved ones who’ve been left behind.
Channeling her experience as a victim, community leader and businesswoman, Sheehey-Church brings to MADD the same spirit that has marked her personal and professional success: innovative and resourceful with an ability to identify opportunities and build lifetime relationships to achieve mission-critical goals.
Prior to joining MADD, Colleen worked as a senior sales and training consultant for more than 35 years, serving as a director for several companies including GP Strategies, Allen Communications,
FranklinCovey and AT&T. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in business management from the University of Phoenix and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in counseling and psychology from Liberty University.
Locally, Colleen is co-Founder, Vice President and Board Member of Dustin’s Place, a summer camp for Children, created in honor of her son; former Commissioner of Sponsor Relations for the Special Olympics World Games and inducted into the Special Olympics Shriver Society; Member of the Society of Human Resource and Development in New York; and former Vice President of Programs for American Society of Training and Development in Connecticut.
Sheehey-Church was born and raised in upstate New York and resides in Madison, Connecticut with her husband and three Labradors. Dustin’s older brother, Casey, lives in New Hampshire.