Cocktail Expression launch at Macy’s in Herald Square

This Saturday I was privileged to attend the launch of PVH Cocktail Expression ties at the famous Macy's in New York City's Herald Square. The ties are a rich combination of vivid colors woven into the fabric in designs taken from the actual molecular structure of various alcoholic beverages. The creations bear a message from MADD warning about the dangers of drinking and driving, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Creator Irwin Sternberg brought his enthusiasm and energy to the event. Designer Michael Mone, President of Harry Bacrach, Inc. and PVH Neckwear President David Sirkin were also present and committed to the day’s success. In addition, MADD New York volunteers and staff showed their dedication by attending in order to share information about MADD with customers. The information was well received and we were frequently thanked for what we do.

Upon arriving I was greeted with the beautiful smile of volunteer Peggy Lang. Later, during a quiet moment, she shared the story of her son, David Bareck, who was killed by a drunk driver. Her gentleness radiated to everyone around her and soon touched her friend upon arrival, volunteer Natacha Menzies, whose police officer husband, Andre, was killed by a drunk driver less than two years ago. Natacha brought her precious daughter, Victoria, who stole the day with her sweet, bright character. We were also joined by Tom McCoy, ED for MADD NY and Lissa Harris, Program Specialist with MADD NY. Mr. Sternberg invited our volunteers to autograph the back of each tie purchased, with a "thanks for your support." Little Victoria became our star with everyone coveting her perfectly penned signature.   

 David Serkin (PVH), Michael Mone, Irwin Sternberg, Jan Withers,
Natacha Menzies and Peggy Lang toasting the launch with non-alcoholic beverages
Natacha Menzies, Victoria Menzies, 
Peggy Lang and Jan Withers

In addition, a lovely woman, Tippi, whose daughter, Alexandra, was killed in 1994, stopped by with her husband. She connected immediately with Peggy Lang, and now plans to volunteer with MADD. Another gentleman, Doug Szulman, came specifically to the event to meet the MADD President. He wanted to personally tell me how much MADD has done for him and his family. He was critically injured when he was 19 years old by a drunk driver, calling those times the darkest moments of his life, and he continues to endure endless series of surgeries as a result. Prior to the crash, he had planned to go to medical school, but the physical rigors made that impossible. Instead, he was so inspired by the attorney who supported them that he also became an attorney. Now, he is in the process of writing a book about dealing with the tragedy over these many years titled, From the Bottom of the Pool, A Life Reconstructed. The book centers on how he travails upon being thrust into a chaos so young and the people he meets in finding his way back who give him the tools and insight to lead a productive, fulfilling life. I look forward to reading it once it is published. 

Jan and Doug Szulman Jan, Peggy Lang, Tippi and her husband

My dear husband, Joe, rode the train with me up to the Big Apple, sporting his Cocktail Tie from the original 1994 creations in honor of Mr. Irwin Sternberg’s earlier work. Irwin recognized it immediately and began telling stories from those days, along with his launch of the Jerry Garcia ties and their friendship. Naturally, Joe purchased a new tie and modeled it the entire day, but Natacha took the show, sporting a cocktail expression tie to match her exquisite dress.

The day was successful and fulfilling. I am so grateful for the support of Irwin Sternberg, PVH and Macy’s. The connections made on every level were heartwarming and invaluable. It is just another reminder that there are so many individuals who care about the work MADD is doing and so many who are grateful for what MADD has done for them.