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2011 Drunk Driving Fatalities by State
By MADD | December 13, 2012| 33 Comments | Filed in: Drunk Driving

Drunk driving deaths dropped 2.5% nationwide last year, but how did your state do?

 State 2010 Drunk Driving Deaths % of Traffic Deaths in 2010 that were Drunk Driving Related 2011 Drunk Driving Deaths % of Traffic Deaths in 2011 that were Drunk Driving Related
Alabama 264 31% 259 29%
Alaska 16 28% 21 28%
Arizona 206 27% 215 26%
Arkansas 178 31% 156 28%
California 774 28% 774 28%
Colorado 120 27% 161 36%
Connecticut 119 37% 92 42%
Delaware 37 37% 41 41%
Dist. of Columbia 7 27% 8 30%
Florida 678 28% 716 30%
Georgia 299 24% 277 23%
Hawaii 43 38% 44 44%
Idaho 72 34% 50 30%
Illinois 292 32% 278 30%
Indiana 194 26% 207 28%
Iowa 85 22% 83 23%
Kansas 134 31% 108 28%
Kentucky 168 22% 171 24%
Louisiana 226 31% 226 33%
Maine 40 25% 23 17%
Maryland 154 31% 162 33%
Massachusetts 122 35% 114 34%
Michigan 236 25% 255 29%
Minnesota 128 31% 109 30%
Mississippi 174 27% 149 24%
Missouri 257 31% 258 33%
Montana 72 38% 81 39%
Nebraska 50 26% 45 25%
Nevada 69 27% 70 28%
New Hampshire 45 35% 27 30%
New Jersey 160 29% 193 31%
New Mexico 119 34% 105 30%
New York 360 30% 315 27%
North Carolina 389 29% 365 30%
North Dakota 46 44% 64 43%
Ohio 335 31% 316 31%
Oklahoma 218 33% 220 32%
Oregon 70 22% 97 29%
Pennsylvania 424 32% 407 32%
Puerto Rico 98 29% 101 28%
Rhode Island 27 40% 24 37%
South Carolina 353 44% 315 38%
South Dakota 37 27% 33 29%
Tennessee 288 28% 257 27%
Texas 1,270 42% 1,213 40%
Utah 46 18% 53 22%
Vermont 18 25% 18 33%
Virginia 207 28% 224 29%
Washington 169 37% 156 34%
West Virginia 87 27% 90 27%
Wisconsin 203 36% 196 34%
Wyoming 53 34% 38 28%
National 10,136 31% 9,878 31%





Submitted by Pat at 04:37 AM on November 15, 2014
Everyone pushing to get drunk drivers off the road..good but you are not looking at WHY. The state and federal government legalized alcohol which is the worse drug in the world..Worse than is legal so they can collect billions of dollars in taxes. Every death that occurrs is because of money! Make the State and Federal government pay for everyones alcohol addiction , not only treatment but after care..restitution to all the families who lost a family member because of alcohol. Pay for the people who became addicted to become productive..The little bit they do provide is for poor treatment and no good after care and if they have a job they dont help at all.which the cities and towns get back by fining the person..making them pay for ankle bracellets etc untill they are financially ruined so they cannot cope..The state and federal government are high level drug dealers. Its not these people faults that they become addicted or impaired enough to cause a death while is available on every corner in U.S...The people that consume this drug is not responsible for how they react to it..same as if dr gave 2 different people a narcotic..1 person can function the other one cant function at all..they are not responsible for how they react to a drug..BUT..the state and federal government can do something..take the money that they get off the taxes and get them in good for all aftercare for 2 years after for ankle bracelett..interlock..whatever it takes... and all funerals etc every financial dished out to them..Make these people whole again..then the abuses will stop. Grow up and put the blame where it belongs..on the drug dealers for alcohol.
Submitted by Val at 12:09 PM on September 8, 2014
Unfortuneately my entire life has been f-up by drunks.Mother,Father,all uncles,neighborhood I lived in,two husbands.There is no escape from these bastards who are told they have a disease.Our culture is set up to help all of the perpetrators,not their victims.I am mad as hell.Now I am permantly disabled with ptsd from being around so many of them.And these bastards get disability as well.They will get ALL they deserve according to the word of God.No drunkards shall enter the kingdom of heaven.They are not alcoholics,they are sinners who bow down to the false God of this world by worshiping a substance.
Submitted by Q at 10:12 PM on May 24, 2014
Since when did Puerto Rico become an U.S. state?
Submitted by STOPTHISNOW at 08:43 PM on April 14, 2014
I want people to wake up from this BS life and start giving a damn about drink driving, too many people dying. Effing media sensationalize that which makes their masters rich but not caring about the ordinary folks and their ordinary lives.
Submitted by Iron4ce at 07:31 PM on March 9, 2014
Is it that hard to get a friend to drive you home if your drunk, high, or to distracted to drive?
Submitted by Iron4ce at 07:31 PM on March 9, 2014
Is it that hard to get a friend to drive you home if your drunk, high, or to distracted to drive?
Submitted by FutureCollegeStudent at 10:47 PM on November 14, 2013
This data is providing me with information I need to win a scholarship. A special thanks to the staff at MADD for posting this.
Submitted by big bear at 02:43 PM on November 12, 2013
this is serious but we can stop it if we make a change
Submitted by More Data: at 09:54 PM on August 11, 2013
Who died? In many of the cases the drunk driver survives. How many of the above were sober victims of Drunk Drivers, How many were the Drunks? Terrorists blow up bombs during their holidays, Drunks Drive in Cars. Dead is Dead.
Submitted by DDKILLS at 09:39 AM on June 22, 2013
Drunk drivers, if not stopped eventually WILL KILL or injure others and themselves. As one who has lived through it, you cannot imagine the pain of a family who has lost their loved one or has to watch them struggle through life with dibilitating injuries while the drunk drivers go on only to drive drunk again. Stricter laws for offenders. Take their license or require the breathalizer device that prevents them from starting the vehicle if they are not sober. It's simple but political pressures prevent these simple measures to be used nation wide. Wake up or you may not wake up one day.
Submitted by unknown at 11:07 AM on June 7, 2013
very helpful
Submitted by Bucky36 at 02:29 PM on April 8, 2013
thanx for the info.
Submitted by ailed at 11:12 PM on April 5, 2013
Society has so many problems with additive behaviors. People have to want to live responsibly but if they choose to live irresponsibly, then they need to have severe consequences. Taking a driver license away does nothing! Legislation needs to get some backbone and start doing something! Jail with no bail on repeat offenders, checkpoints on major streets, interlocking device inside vehicle. Innocent people are dying bcause offenders kmow there is no stiff punishment.
Submitted by asdfghjkl;' at 10:48 AM on April 3, 2013
im just looking this up for class
Submitted by DUI MASTER at 02:26 PM on February 13, 2013
You can control what is out of your control. Try prohibition again you know you want to. It wont work again. Your lying about your #'s you know that drunk driving rises every year regardless of what you do. you should find another cause.
Submitted by psycho at 12:12 AM on February 11, 2013
Just wondering how do we fix the other 71% of the auto related fatalities? That's damn near 20,000 other ppl dead because of driving. Ban driving, go back to the horse as transportation. Or, eliminate ppl all together, that would probably go a long way in fixing any issue we have.
Submitted by Bird at 05:50 PM on February 10, 2013
Look at that total killed by DUI and they want to ban certain guns. What is wrong with priorities in our country. It's like they want to just ignore MADD if at all possible. I'm a dad and I see this on the news almost every day in a near by city we work in and it makes me so mad. It's like baning other things will put a smoke screen over Drunk Driving.. They really make me sick not putting the laws we have in place. Our Government needs to be overhauled not the laws for the most part.
Submitted by poop at 11:50 PM on January 31, 2013
Submitted by kmartsmart at 11:10 AM on January 23, 2013
drunk driving is stupid my brother died from a drunk driver.
Submitted by Eman at 03:26 PM on January 18, 2013
There is a special Federal Police force just dedicated to Guns, Alcohol, and Drugs. You know how large that task force is? the national force is just under 25k (Source: Colbert Report)

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