#TAXI Urges Everyone to Plan Ahead This Holiday Season and Support MADD

Provided by Michael Sachter, the Vice President of Marketing for CellWand Communications, the creators of #TAXI (PoundTaxi) mobile service that allows callers to get a cab anywhere, anytime across the U.S.  #TAXI, a proud MADD sponsor since 2006, is donating $0.50 of every call for taxis in the U.S. this November and December to help MADD in its mission to prevent drunk driving and support victims.

Drunk driving takes the lives of over 10,000 people in the US each year and injures almost 350,000 more.  Every single drunk driving crash is entirely preventable – all it takes not to drive drunk is to plan ahead.

I say plan ahead, because once you have started drinking, it’s too late.  One of the first things to be impaired by alcohol is judgment.  After drinking, people start to rationalize, saying things like “I haven’t had too many” or “I just need to make it home.”

This is especially true around the holiday, as alcohol is frequently a part of holiday celebrations.  Some people who don’t typically drink during the rest of the year and therefore are not used to having to find a safe way home, do so during the holidays at parties and family gatherings.  That’s why it’s important to remind everyone to plan ahead before your holiday celebration begins.

Here are some common ways to enjoy yourself while you are out and still getting home safely:

  • Designate a driver.  The key is to designate a driver beforehand – someone who will not be drinking during the night.  Some people wait until after and designate the least drunk person to drive, which isn’t safe at all.  Being the designated driver can make you the hero of the party – after all, it’s a good friend who makes sure you get home safely.
  • Call a cab.  A $30 cab ride is far better than the thousands of dollars that a drunk driving conviction can cost (if you are lucky and aren’t involved in a crash).  And it has never been easier to get a cab with mobile cab calling services like #TAXI (#8294) on any mobile phone.
  • Stay over.  If you are at a friend’s house, they may be willing to let you sleep on their couch rather than risk your safety on the roadways.  (This is another good reason to plan ahead – it’s more polite to ask ahead of time, rather than to get drunk and try to stay over.)
  • In some areas, there is quality public transportation available to get you home safely.

There are plenty of solutions to get you home safely this holiday season, so here’s hoping you have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.