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Tie One On For Safety® This Holiday Season
By MADD | December 6, 2012| 3 Comments | Filed in: Drunk Driving

One of the most dangerous times of the year on our nation’s roadways is between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. That’s why every holiday season, MADD asks drivers to display a MADD Tie One On For Safety red ribbon on their vehicle as a reminder to drive safe, sober and buckled up.

Started in 1986, Tie One On For Safety is MADD’s longest running and most visible public awareness project. The phrase, “tie one on,” is sometimes used as slang for drinking, but at MADD, we use the phrase to remind everyone that drinking and driving don’t mix.

This holiday season, show your commitment to driving safe and sober by displaying a MADD red ribbon on your vehicle. Red ribbons, magnets and window decals (donated by SmartSign) are available through local MADD affiliates.

Or you can Tie One On For Safety “virtually” by sharing a TOOFS button on Facebook and other online social networks. Click on one of the buttons below to share them.

Special thanks to Nationwide Insurance for sponsoring this year’s Tie One On For Safety efforts.



Submitted by john at 10:58 PM on December 11, 2012
cant imagine the loss of a loved one from a drunk driver. the thought sickens me. I have 6 daughters in a blended marriage and i worry about them all the time. my wife recently quit her job at a local veterans establishment because she was told that she could not cut off a person that was showing signs of intoxication. (business was down) i recently read an article in the columbus dispatch where an individual by the name of phil craig (director of ohio licensed beverage association) stated that we train our servers how to serve people. what is it going to take for society to realize how serious this is. people are making a conscience decision to drink and drive and effecting the lives of others for ever. i have never lost a loved one from the selfishness of a drunk driver and i cant begin to imagine how it must feel but my heart goes out to those that have. semper fi.
Submitted by Lawrence at 08:40 AM on December 10, 2012
I am all for you and am fully suporting of your efforts. I would have been doing more to support your cause over the years exept that I, too, am a victim. I lost my driers license in 1992. I stopped drinking. In 1996. Always non-problematic but still any drinking being the most destructive substance onthe planet "Alchohal". One DUI, changed my life forever. I've never caused harm to anyone in my life. I live each day in missery, sometimes homeless and hungery. I have family I am a burden on society and everyone I meet. I have skills that do me no good. The work that I do requires me to drive. No employer wants to give a man a job who has been in revocation for 21 years, a job. No one can that a person that did'nt hurt anybody could still be under revocation. I agree with everything you do. I just wish I could participate. I can't drive. I can't work. I can't live. Why do I haae to suffer for the maddness of others. If you want to stop drunk driving you have to stop drinking
Submitted by Concerned citizen at 02:14 PM on December 9, 2012
I live in Cleveland tn and not long ago a child lost their life to a drunk driver driving on the road in the wrong direction ,since then on dec 7 2012 our 5th district commissioner was arrested on a DUI charge driving on apd 40 in the wrong direction we are ask MADD to not let this get sweep under the rug and ,to help convect him and set and example thank you and god bless

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