Contact your Representative to Help Protect Crime Victims' Rights

We need your help to give crime victims the rights they deserve, but time is running out.  Please call or email your United States Representative today and urge him or her to co-sponsor House Joint Resolution 106 (H. J. Res. 106), a proposed U.S. Constitutional Amendment for Victims’ Rights.

This amendment would protect the vital rights of crime victims to be notified of proceedings, to be present at proceedings, and to be heard on important decisions.  Right now, every state has statutory laws and most states have state constitutional amendments protecting victims' rights, but these laws are ineffective. 

Even in states giving "strong protection" to victims’ rights, fewer than 60 percent of the victims were notified of the sentencing hearing and fewer than 40 percent were notified of the pretrial release of the defendant.  This is largely because defendant rights are enshrined in the federal Constitution – 23 separate rights in all – but victims' rights are state-based.

The only way that crime victims’ rights will be protected is to even the playing field through a federal constitutional amendment—House Joint Resolution 106.

At least 100 co-sponsors are needed to move it forward as the legislative session draws to a close.  So please contact your representative today by phone or email.  Your voice matters!

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