Contributing to Lives Saved, Injuries Prevented and Victims Served

Thanks to your support and the support of people like you, MADD has been successful in our mission, helping to save and positively affect the lives of people across the country.  We have:

  • Served 63,000 victims and survivors of drunk driving last year, one every eight minutes
  • Helped reduce drunk driving by 24 percent since the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving® launched in 2006
  • Helped pass all-offender ignition interlock laws in 17 states
  • Set the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving up for success with the MAP-21 highway bill, which includes funding for the advanced technology that will eliminate drunk driving and incentives for states that pass interlock laws
  • Reached a parent every half hour, on average, with our research-based Power of Parents® underage drinking prevention program, and helped reduce underage drinking significantly among high school students

Our focus on drunk driving prevention, victim services and underage drinking prevention is steadfast, and that shows in our financial stewardship as well.  This was stronger than ever in the 2011 fiscal year.  We increased our program efforts significantly and were able to decrease the proportion of our expenses we spend on fundraising by 28 percent.  Among nonprofits, it’s considered exemplary to have less than 15 percent of expenses going to administration of the organization; at MADD, only eight percent goes to administration.  As a result, over 78 cents out of every dollar at MADD goes into community awareness programs and services to stop drunk driving, serve the victims of this violent crime and reduce underage drinking.

So when we say your donation makes a difference, we mean it.  We are putting your support to work to equip our more than 7,000 volunteers with the resources to save lives, provide victim services to families in need, and help parents have the conversation with their children about alcohol, while also continuing to recruit and train new volunteers.  Your donations make that possible.

Your support also saves lives.  Since the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving started, we’ve helped reduce drunk driving fatalities by more than 3,000 per year.  That’s more than three thousand families each year who don’t get that life-changing call or visit that tells them their loved one isn’t coming home—families who remain whole.

Your investment in MADD has helped us save almost 300,000 lives and serve more than 300,000 victims and survivors… and counting.  You help us make an impact in your community, state and the nation as a whole, and we greatly appreciate your support and continued partnership.  Together, we are making a difference.