Austin's Story

By Austin Baltierra from MADD's Power of You(th)™ National Teen Influencer Group. As seen in The 411 on Teen Drinking booklet.

My name is Austin Baltierra. I know the challenges and temptations teens face today. Growing up, we try to find ourselves and, naturally, we want to be liked and often base our self-worth on the approval of our peers. The media doesn’t help and can cause us to believe all teens drink alcohol even though most do not. While in high school, I realized that alcohol was not something worth risking my future or my life for. Instead, I focused on my family, my true friends and my goals. I took school seriously and, during my free time, I would write, produce and perform music. I soon made great friends and enjoyed collaborating with many of them on new music. Today, I am so grateful to be a student at Berklee College of Music. I set new goals every day and don’t drink, because I believe my future is worth it.