Sharing Their Stories to Save Lives

During MADD’s National Conference a couple weeks ago, I had the privilege to spend time with Leo and Janice McCarthy.  Leo has been honored as a 2012 Top 10 CNN Hero for starting Mariah's Challenge in honor of their 14-year-old daughter, Mariah, who was killed by a drunk driver as she was walking home.

I also got to see Melissa Stegner, who entered my life at MADD's Teen Influencer Summit this summer, and so eloquently spoke at our conference.   Her quiet graciousness complements her fortitude and passion in speaking out against drinking and driving, as well as underage drinking.   She describes herself as shy, but musters the strength to work at this prevention because her father and older brother were killed by a drunk driver.

I invite you to read the beautiful article, What sways teens not to drink, drive? Stories, not stats, highlighting both of these amazing individuals.

You can also click here to vote for Leo McCarthy to become the CNN Hero of the Year.