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MADD Texas lobbies for strong drunk driving legislation
By MADD | February 12, 2013| 8 Comments | Filed in: Drunk Driving

Today, MADD Texas is having our lobby day at the state capital.  Texas is particularly important because it has more drunk driving deaths than any other state in the country (with 1,213 people killed in 2011).  That’s not just because it’s the second largest state – 40% of Texas’s traffic fatalities come from drunk driving, significantly more than the national average of 31%.

In short, Texas has one of the worst drunk driving problems in the country.  This is in part because it lacks two very important laws:

  • Ignition interlocks for all drunk driving offenders.  Right now, Texas only requires interlocks for repeat offenders or offenders who were nearly twice the legal limit or more.  Studies show these devices can reduce repeat offenses by two-thirds.  Seventeen other states now require them and Texas should too.
  • Sobriety checkpoints.  Thirty-eight states allow law enforcement to do sobriety checkpoints, where they check vehicles in an orderly and methodical fashion to make sure people are not driving drunk.  This lets potential offenders know that they will be caught if they try to drive drunk.  As you might guess, this deters people from committing the crime – sobriety checkpoints have been shown to lower drunk driving deaths by 20 percent.  That would be 262 lives saved each year in Texas.

So, today, we are talking to legislators about these bills and, if you are a Texan, we’d like you to as well.  You can email your legislators about the ignition interlock bill here and the sobriety checkpoint bill here.




Submitted by Unconstitutional at 12:42 PM on March 12, 2014
Of the 10,000 people killed in "alcohol related crashes in the year 2012”... -2,500 were drunk pedestrians killed crossing the street by sober drivers. -2,000 were single vehicle accidents. -1,000 were passengers in vehicles where no one who was driving had alcohol in their system. -500 were hit and run victims where the perpetrator was never caught and only assumed to have alcohol in their system because they fled the scene. Yet organizations like MADD and the NHTSA lie about this and claim that 'drunk driving kills 10,000 people a year." They also make outrageous claims such that “drunk drivers cause half of all road fatalities.” Fear mongering, brainwashing, propaganda, testimonials, outright lies. These are the weapons of MADD and the NHTSA.
Submitted by wacky at 02:02 PM on February 9, 2014
wow i never knew Texas was this crazy
Submitted by Matthew John at 06:23 PM on February 23, 2013
Submitted by Craig Jenkins at 04:13 PM on February 22, 2013
Gee live in Texas and wondering what we got to do to knock some sense into Texans. Austin jury just let a woman get away with vehicular manslaughter. Yes, she was found guilty but 10 year suspended sentence.
Submitted by Pbr at 07:02 PM on February 19, 2013
Thank you MADD for taking away our 4th and 5th amendment rights. You have no right to force people to incriminate themselves. You have no right to grant police officers waivers to the 4th amendment. NEVER have I seen your organization once petition restaurants, bars, public transportation, alcohol companies or ANY supporting causes of drunk driving. Try working on the issue instead of systematically dismantling our constitution. And also, you are 'mothers' right? Did you know thanks to your legislation someone arrested for murder has more rights than some arrested for dwi? I'm not at all saying I agree with drunk driving whatsoever. It is wrong and I understand that. But what about texting and driving? Tired driving? Prescriptions and driving? Distracted driving? What's next loss of license and a year and jail time for possession of cell phone while driving? Get it? Stop taking away our constitutionally guaranteed rights and try working on the issue. K? Thanks.
Submitted by Georges Daughter at 06:25 PM on February 18, 2013
I find it ironic, even sad that you treat potential Alcoloics with the same integrity,decency, and inhumanity that you would a rat in your pantry. Do you even realize that the BAC limit is so low that on a person my size (5 7'124lbs)is legally intoxicated after 1 1/2 glasses of wine. You have to put the perspectives on each side. I can understand the mission here, however it has gotten out of hand because first and foremost all of the insane expectations (while Alcohol is legal)& power hungry police = $$$$ for each state.....What's MADDS' kickback?
Submitted by No Reform available in NY at 10:17 AM on February 17, 2013
While I understand your group's mission to remove drinking drivers from our highways NY state has gone over and above penalizing folks who have had run-in's in ancient history.. A agree with the above poster as there is just no leniency at all for folks who commmitted offences back long ago when the laws were different! May the Lord grant those of you who lost loved ones to alcohol related accidents! Read on..
Submitted by rick at 05:44 AM on February 13, 2013
What we really need is to address the root cause of this issue instead of taking away the rights of law abiding citizens. I don't drink and drive so I why as should be subjected to have to wait in a check point? Not a good solution. You need to have stiffer penalties for the violators, and not punish law abiding citizens.

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