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U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Stepping Down
By Jan Withers | January 29, 2013| 4 Comments | Filed in: General , National President

MADD is extremely grateful for Secretary LaHood’s leadership and his commitment to issues of highway safety during his time in office. He has truly been a leader in drunk driving prevention by supporting MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving and demonstrating a willingness to find long-term solutions to drunk driving, such as the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS). I have had the pleasure of working with Secretary LaHood on numerous occasions, and he is always a tireless advocate for saving lives and preventing injuries on our nation’s roadways. We wish him continued success and happiness in the future, and we look forward to working closely with his successor to make our roads safer for American families.

 David Strickland, Jan Withers and Ray LaHood



Submitted by David at 02:34 PM on May 13, 2013
My story has been told before and briefly stated the crash that took the life of my father and injured my mother occurred 51 years ago on August 29th 1962 outside of Hamilton on the Queen Elizabeth Way. There were letters between family members that followed the civil court case. Criminal prosecution for impaired driving were few and far between in those days. In one of those letters between my grandfather and my mother was mentioned the judges comments as he ruled in my mother's favor. His focus, as he sat in judgement was then on the seat belt law becoming mandatory in Ontario in 1963 and he commented on how such a device would have prevented my father from going into the windshield from the passenger seat as a result of the collision. I wish to offer my thanks for the work that you and all have done to bring this fight to the public stage As a Christian, I have a firm belief in life continuing after death. Having this knowledge has not prevented my having to grieve as I believe we all must in some way, but it has greatly helped. My opinion then is that by far, the real tragedy is that this bad behavior of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol has been allowed to continue over so long a period of time. May God bless the efforts of those who through inspiration, invent, legislate, and otherwise battle for the end of this behavior Sincerely David Airey
Submitted by Bill Matthews at 11:52 AM on February 4, 2013
Secretary LaHood's pleas for distracted drivers to take some personal responsibility and not use phones while driving will have as much effect as Nancy Reagan's "Just say no" anti-drug campaign. We need enforcement and or laws with teeth for drunk and distracted drivers.
Submitted by Tiredofit at 10:48 PM on January 29, 2013
Charlotte co. Commonwealth continuing to allow DUI reduced to reckless driving. Also taking away mandatory time for high BAC levels
Submitted by Stillas at 04:53 PM on January 29, 2013
Mr LaHood was also a champion of the campaign against Distracted Driving We salute Mr LaHood for all his work

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