Faces of Drunk Driving

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recently launched their Faces of Drunk Driving campaign to remind people that the real victims of drunk driving aren't the people who drive drunk; they are the people whose lives are changed in a split-second because someone else decided to drive drunk.

One of the victims featured in the campaign is Chilli Vasquez. Chilli was hit by a drunk driver on July 9, 2011, just three days before her eighth birthday. Now she's paralyzed from the chest down.

Chilli and her family now work with MADD to help raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving by speaking at MADD events across North Texas.  They also plan to form a team for their local Walk Like MADD this fall.

Throughout the month of July, TxDOT will host Faces of Drunk Driving events across the state at which safety advocates, law enforcement and victims of drunk driving will share their stories in front of 1,170 Texas flags, representing the number of people that TxDOT reports were killed in alcohol-related crashes in Texas last year.

Read more about Chilli and see the other Faces of Drunk Driving victims/survivors at www.facesofdrunkdriving.com.