MADD Idaho Celebrates 25 Years

In January of 1987, Betty’s Stadler’s daughter, Carol, and her son-in-law were hit by a drunk driver just two miles from their home. Carol was killed in the crash, and her husband was critically injured. Carol’s two small girls were left without a mother.

Betty realized that the only way she could cope with her anger and grief was to launch the Idaho Chapter of MADD in Carol’s memory. And so in February of 1988, MADD Idaho was founded.

Betty worked diligently to establish MADD, traveling across the state to share her story with hundreds and hundreds of people. She worked with government and court officials to increase penalties for DUI offenders, lower the legal alcohol limit to .08 and support the survivors and victims of drunk driving.

This past weekend, MADD Idaho held their 2nd annual Walk Like MADD in Boise.  They began the event by celebrating MADD Idaho’s 25th anniversary.  Some of the first pioneers of MADD Idaho attended, including Betty Stadler. Everyone was invited to write down their favorite MADD memory and place it in a memory book, which was given to Betty.

We are so grateful to have such wonderful people in the MADD family, who turn their personal tragedies into triumph.

Betty Stadler and Jan Withers

Jan Withers with top walker Kembrie Souza

Jan with Anne and Kevin Bechen, MADD Idaho volunteers