New Data on Teen Emergency Room Visits

MADD talks about alcohol as the number one drug danger to teens, and new data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) back this up.

SAMHSA looked at all of the drug-related emergency room visits made by patients under the age of 21 – nearly 440,000 in all.  Of those, over 43 percent involved underage drinking (over 188,000 visits), more than all other illicit drugs combined (a total of over 186,000 visits, with marijuana being the most prominent at over 120,000 ER visits).

This means that on average, every three minutes someone under the legal drinking age in the US has to go to the emergency room because they drank underage.

So, if you’ve had the talk with your teen about drugs, but not alcohol, now’s the time to have it.  You can download our free Power of Parents handbook that gives you tips and tactics on how to have the conversation about alcohol in a meaningful and effective way.