Volunteer Spotlight: Lynne Goughler

We would like to shine the volunteer spotlight on Lynne Goughler, who was recently awarded the first ever MADD Minnesota Achievement Award in recognition of her years of service in the fight against drunk driving.

Lynne’s dedication to drunk driving prevention stems from the tragic death of her parents, who were hit and instantly killed by a drunk driver in 1992 as they were walking across the street from a restaurant to their hotel. 

Since she began her work in 1996 as a MADD volunteer, she has served as an officer of the MADD Ramsey County Chapter, on the MADD Minnesota executive board, and served two terms on the MADD National Board. 

She currently serving as the Legislative Chair in Minnesota and spends countless hours at the State Capitol serving as the public policy liaison and advocating for tougher anti-drunk driving laws. 

Beyond her legislative work, Lynne continues to volunteer her time for MADD.  A few of her activities and achievements with MADD include:

  • MADD National Board Public Policy Chair from 2003-2005
  • Advocate for 0.08 BAC and primary seat belt laws in MN; testified countless times for these laws and other alcohol-related bills considered by the Legislature
  • Spokesperson for MADD Minnesota policy issues
  • Instructor at MADD’s public policy institutes

We are so thankful to have such wonderful volunteers like Lynne, who are so dedicated to MADD’s mission.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer, please find your state here and fill out the volunteer form.