Bartender Fired For Calling Cops on Drunk Driver

It takes every concerned citizen to help prevent drunk driving.  MADD has always said, if you think you see someone driving drunk, don’t hesitate to call the police. 

That’s what Twyla DeVito, a bartender in Shelby, Ohio did… and she was fired for it.  A patron at the bar she was working at had been drinking all day, and when he went to get in his car to head home, Twyla knew he had no business driving so she called the police.  He failed the sobriety test and his BAC was twice over the legal limit.  But soon after, Twyla received a call from her boss and was fired because having a bartender who will call the cops is “bad for business.”

Twyla’s story has been featured on Inside Edition and was discussed on the show The Talk, where Sharon Osbourne said, “I think it’s so unfair she got let go. Hideous.”

We commend Twyla, and people like her across the country, for taking the necessary steps to save lives, no matter the consequences.

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