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Delanie Walker Teams Up with MADD
By MADD | March 26, 2013| 3 Comments | Filed in: Drunk Driving

Delanie Walker with Alice and Bryan Young
(Photo courtesy of Delanie Walker)

Less than 24 hours after playing in the Super Bowl, former San Francisco 49er and now Tennessee Titan, Delanie Walker learned that his aunt and uncle, Alice and Bryan Young, had been killed. The Youngs were returning home after watching their nephew play in the Super Bowl in New Orleans. They were stopped on the side of the road when they were rear-ended by an alleged drunk driver.  Both vehicles caught on fire, and Alice and Bryan died at the scene.  The drunk driver sustained only minor injuries.

"This happens so much and now it's really hit home for me. I just want to make people more aware through my story," Walker said.

Walker has resolved to honor his relatives' memory. On March 17th, he hosted an event at a local restaurant where he signed pictures, MADD t-shirts, fan paraphernalia and jerseys to help raise awareness and funds for MADD.  Delanie will also be participating in the San Francisco Bay Area Walk Like MADD on May 11thYou can join his team or make a donation to support them here.
As we always say, drunk driving doesn’t discriminate.  It doesn’t matter if you are a NFL football player or just a football fan, anyone can become a victim.  It’s great to see Delanie use his visibility to honor his loved ones and bring awareness to the fight against drunk driving.

Delanie Walker at MADD signing event



Submitted by Bre at 04:20 PM on April 4, 2013
The truth evolves around this one very important statement....1 Drink is all it takes to become impaired. In a split second someone's life can be turned completely upside down, or taken. It's the principals of what Drinking, and Driving is all about. You engage in an activity that puts everyone's life in harms way, including your own. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE, and definately warrants punishment starting with accepting responsbility.
Submitted by Jodi at 01:36 PM on April 2, 2013
That is such a ridiculous statement. Do you know how long MADD has been around fighting this fight, long before texting existed! Just because people support one cause does not mean that they do not support another. Where does it say in any of their literature that texting is acceptable or that a person who hurts someone while texting should not be punished. There is nothing wrong with you fighting the fight against texting, we all know its wrong. Let others support their cause. Both of these causes need everyone possible to bring these horrible situations to a stop. To say you have no use left for MADD is to down play the good this organization offers. That is unacceptable, this organization has been helping people for as long as I can remember. You comment is what I have no use for.
Submitted by Mary at 05:31 PM on March 26, 2013
Any person killed in an accident by a drunk driver is beyond sad and reprehensible; a true tragedy. my regret is that MADD is only focusing on drunk driving.. studies have shown that texting and driving is 6 to 8 times more dangerous than drunk driving. These offenders kill, injure people and have no punishment (legal) awaiting them. Yet someone who happens to be stopped for whatever reason after being out to dinner, etc. and consuming a couple of drinks, etc. and have to take a breathalyzer, they would be charged with a DUI and all the subsequent consequences, even though they are NOT drunk, have never injured or killed anyone, etc. This is total injustice and I frankly have no use left for MADD.

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