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2013-2014 National Teen Influencer Group
By MADD | May 7, 2013| 2 Comments | Filed in: Underage Drinking

MADD is looking for outstanding teens who want to use their power to take a stand against underage drinking and be a part of MADD’s National Teen Influencer Group.  Teens selected to be a part of the National Teen Influencer Group will be an important part of the Power or You(th) program.  As a member of the Teen Influencer Group, teens will:

  • Participate in conference calls with other teens and MADD leadership throughout the year to provide valuable input on teen programs
  • Participate, as needed, in projects to empower teens across America to take a stand against underage drinking, i.e. working groups, events, media interviews
  • Engage teens through social media, such as submitting a guest blog (click here to see an example)

We are accepting applications online now, through July 20th for the 2013-2014 National Teen Influencer Group. Help us spread the word to teens that are involved in significant underage drinking prevention work in your community.

2012-2013 National Teen Influencer Group 



Submitted by DKB95sfa at 04:26 PM on August 1, 2013
Thank you for admitting what you did ... Your job is to tell everyone what you did and how to prevent it from happening again. Our thoughts and prayers are for you and the medical board to make a rational decision based on all the facts. Good Luck from Texas ...
Submitted by Courtney at 06:36 PM on May 17, 2013
Hello My name is Courtney , I am a 24 year old Nursing student. I just passed my finals this Monday and I plan on graduating on Tuesday of next week. On tuesday night May 14/ Wednesday morning May 15 I decided to celebrate with fellow nurses and nursing graduates and I made the awful decision to get behind the wheel. As I was driving my classmate home down an unfamiliar road, I came atop a knoll in the road and saw a stop sign and 90 degree turn in front of me, I swerved to turn and next thing you know I'm gliding through the air towards a body of water. Next thing you know, we are upside down submerged in water. As the suffocating feeling started filling my throat, I found my seatbelt and looked for an escape. I managed to find a hole out of a window and went up for air. My immediate thought was, where is my friend? I yelled for him and yelled for him, swimming to the overturned passenger side of the car, I struggled to get inside, it didn't work. I swam back around to the drivers side and crawled through the hole that I got out of and reached for him and his seatbelt. I found a pocket of air towards the top (actually the bottom) of the car and continued yelling his name. I finally grabbed him and pulled and pulled until we were both free from the car. We swam to the edge of what I thought was a pond, come to find out it was a river. We pulled ourselved out of the 30-40 degree water and sat, soaking wet in the 38 degree air. We went to the nearest house and called the authorities. When they arrived, I told them what we had been doing, where we were coming from and where we were going. I admitted I had a few to drink, at that moment I was breathilized and regrettfully arrested. I explained how we just passed nursing school and were on our way to becoming a nurse.... now I have many obstacles to face because of that one decision I decided to make. I was always the one who didn't drink and drive, always the one reminding others to call me no matter what time it was if they needed a sober ride. I'm the one who drinks waters between drinks to ensure I don't get too drunk. None of this mattered that night and here I am reaching my hands out to help others now. I have a car that was not covered by insurance and I wanted to know if and/or how it could be used as an example for others. I have pictures that I can eventually get to you, but let me just say, I'm still in shock that I am sitting here even able to write this message. If your organization or one that you know of can use this completely totaled vehicle, I want to donate it. I lost alot of things that night, but my determination to keep moving forward is still there. Please let me know if you or another organization can use this or myself as an example. Sincerely, Courtney

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