2013-2014 National Teen Influencer Group

MADD is looking for outstanding teens who want to use their power to take a stand against underage drinking and be a part of MADD’s National Teen Influencer Group.  Teens selected to be a part of the National Teen Influencer Group will be an important part of the Power or You(th) program.  As a member of the Teen Influencer Group, teens will:

  • Participate in conference calls with other teens and MADD leadership throughout the year to provide valuable input on teen programs
  • Participate, as needed, in projects to empower teens across America to take a stand against underage drinking, i.e. working groups, events, media interviews
  • Engage teens through social media, such as submitting a guest blog (click here to see an example)

We are accepting applications online now, through July 20th for the 2013-2014 National Teen Influencer Group. Help us spread the word to teens that are involved in significant underage drinking prevention work in your community.

2012-2013 National Teen Influencer Group