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The Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving and You: A Winning Combination
By MADD | May 2, 2013| 4 Comments | Filed in: Drunk Driving

This year marks the seventh anniversary of MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving.  Thank you to all of MADD’s volunteers, victim/survivors and supporters for helping to make it the premier grassroots campaign in the nation.   

The Campaign was built on MADD’s prior research-based successes, including advocating for a national .08 BAC standard.  It supports high visibility law enforcement efforts to deter drunk driving, seeks to ensure all convicted drunk drivers receive an ignition interlock device, and supports the development of new technologies like DADSS (Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety) that will one day stop drunk drivers from starting vehicles. 

Thanks to your support, we’ve made tremendous progress in the fight against drunk driving. Today we can celebrate that:

  • Seventeen states now require interlocks for all DUI offenders, up from only one state in 2006.
  • Over 100 million people are now protected by these lifesaving interlock laws.
  • Research and development funding for the DADSS project has been doubled from $10 million to just over $20 million.
  • The U.S. Congress has passed legislation authorizing and funding all components of the Campaign. Learn more here.
  • NHTSA, the NFL, the NTSB, AAA, and every other major safety group have now endorsed the components of the campaign, including interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers (.08 and above) and funding for the technologies that will eliminate drunk driving.
  • 3,600 fewer people were killed in 2011 than when we startedthe Campaign in 2006.

The Campaign was created to eliminate drunk driving in America, and as you can see it’s working.  We are keeping our eye on the prize: a nation where drunk driving exists only in the history books. 

Your support has made this possible. You and others in the MADD family have sent tens of thousands of emails to federal and state legislators that have helped sway opinions and save lives.  Your unwavering support of MADD keeps us going every day.  But our work is not done yet, and we plan to stay focused and reach our goal to rid our nation of this violent crime, until there are no more future victims. 

Check out what you’ve helped accomplish:

If your state doesn’t yet have an interlock law, let your legislators know what you think here.



Submitted by AB at 12:49 AM on May 10, 2013
I believe the ignition interlock does assist in prevention of driving while intoxicated but does not completely eliminate this issue. I understand that a person who receives a DWI/DUI for the first time may actually learn his/her lesson while on this machine. Great! So what about the repeat offender, who bends the law to get around the interlock ignition. The one that is not suppose to be driving and still is. Why are we still giving these offenders a drivers license. They lost their privilege to drive not once but twice or more and we are still allowing these offenders in the drivers seat. That is ridiculous! I think if a person has received 2 or more convictions they should lose their privilege to drive. No special license, at least for a long period of time then be made to take another driving test and be mandated to have a interlock put in. If the laws get stricter and the punishments get harsher. This could help keep the streets safer for everyone.
Submitted by DUI Program Counselor at 01:10 PM on May 3, 2013
IID's cover ONLY the ALCOHOL-IMPAIRED DRIVERS, not the NON-ALCOHOLIC DRUG IMPAIRED ONES! I wish MADD could figure this out! I also wish MADD could figure out that by getting legislation to: a.) REQUIRE LENGTHY IMPOUNDS OF A DUI OFFENDER'S MOTOR VEHICLE, that THAT will reduce the recidivism to DUI (suspending a driver's license does NOT!), and b.) REQUIRING ALCOHOL MONITORING UNITS ON THOSE CONVICTED OF DUIing will ALSO reduce alcohol-related "recidivism". FOCUS MADD, FOCUS!
Submitted by Pat Hinderscheid at 12:01 PM on May 3, 2013
While these figures are encouraging and trending in a positive direction, I believe the key statistic depicting real progress in preventing drunk driving is the percentage of alcohol related fatalities. Other than a sharp drop in 2010, this figure has been around the same level for the past 25 years. Hopefully, the initiatives above will help but I believe more attention needs to be focused on this all important statistic.
Submitted by zeke at 11:23 AM on May 3, 2013
You are taking this too far. Think of the lives you are ruining on the other side of the equation. Some of these offenders are only half guilty and now they are marked. I think you have gotten carried away with yourselves. By the way, I saw the New years Eve accident/tragedy that occured in King parks West Fairfax VA in 1980. I lived just down the street from where it occurred. I have been a regular supporter of Madd. Thank you for all you have done to make driving safer, but do not contact me any more. You have gone far enough

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