Towering in Triumph

They began small in size,
but because they are dynamic in determination,
they are towering in triumph.

The amazing people at MADD Washington are unwavering in their vision to build a strong organization.  They are determined to be a powerful voice for saving lives and helping people.

For a few years they have been smaller in size, but the volunteers never gave up.  They have always been an impressive group, but as a result of their focused direction, they are growing and are indeed mighty.

The volunteers include people who have been victimized by substance impaired driving, as well as business owners, media specialists, law enforcement, prosecutors and other community partners.  I was privileged to spend time with many of these individuals who are all passionate about eliminating this preventable crime. In the past year they have grown enough to be able to hire Program Manager, Amy Ezzo.  Together they recently all came together over a weekend to host a gathering to meet the MADD President and hold a successful Walk Like MADD. 

Following some media interviews, a lovely reception was held on Friday where I had the opportunity to talk with community partners, volunteers and people victimized by substance impaired driving.  It was an inspiring afternoon, listening to so many people dedicated to creating a safer community.

Joan Davis, Jan Withers, Mischelle Davis

Amy Freedheim, Dan & Marilyn Schulte

Seattle WLM volunteers and staff following Saturday preparations

The Walk Like MADD was held on Sunday under cloudy skies (surprise, surprise in Seattle), but that failed to dampen anyone’s spirits. Their Walk also had a run component, and with the combination of both walkers and runners, there were about 450 participants.  Their goal was to raise $50,000 in order to move forward with our mission.  To date, those inspiring and determined individuals in MADD Washington, along with their dynamic sponsors, have raised $57,000.  They are already working on ideas to improve and grow their event even more next year.

Kathi Sturgeon, Keynote Speaker

And the Walk Begins

Amy Ezzo, Jan Withers & Alyssa Waskeiwicz

Betty Skinner, Marsha Masters
& Law Enforcement Cadet

Dante said, “From a little spark bursts a mighty flame.”   MADD Washington, you are becoming a mighty flame.  You climb the mountains as if they are foothills.  You never take your eyes off the vision of a nation without drunk driving.  You are a powerful force in Washington, achieving great things.   I applaud your accomplishments.