MADD for the METS

Steven Benvenisti wth his daughter

On Sunday, August 25th, the New York Mets and MADD National Board member Steven Benvenisti, hosted members of the New Jersey MADD Chapter, along with other guests, at Citi Field to show their support for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Steven used the invitation as an opportunity to invite 50 guests and their kids to a bus trip from his law office in Teaneck, NJ to Queens, New York, to watch the NY Mets take on the Detroit Tigers.  A substantial portion of the proceeds from the ticket sales raised funds for MADD. Several guests also made separate donations to MADD after the game.

“I am so impressed that the New York Mets demonstrated their support for Mothers Against Drunk driving by inviting us to Sunday’s game. This is a ‘home run’ for everyone involved,” said Benvenisti, who himself was very seriously injured by a drunk driver when he was in college.

The group sported red t-shirts and held signs with the catchy phrase, “MADD for the METS,” to show their support for MADD. The red shirts caught the 40,000 fans’ attention while the group was featured on the field’s Jumbotron screen.  On behalf of MADD, the NY Mets announcer reminded everyone to drive home safely from the game. During the game, the same the message appeared as a scrolling text across the stadium’s electronic screens. 

Steven’s guests were ecstatic to be a part of a special day to honor of MADD. Everyone came together as a MADD family to enjoy America’s favorite pastime, while supporting a great cause. “I hope what we did today will plant a seed for other professional sports teams to help raise awareness about drunk driving,” said Benvenisti.

In fact, during the game, a Mets representative offered to Steven an even larger presence at next year’s MADD game day event. “Hopefully, in 2014, the NY Mets game will prominently feature MADD with more stadium attention and national broadcast exposure,” said Benvenisti. Overall, Steven was delighted to share a wonderful day with his children, family and friends.      

Steven Benvenisti is a MADD National Board member who survived catastrophic injuries after being struck as a pedestrian by a repeat offender drunk driver while he was in college. After being hospitalized for 6 months, and surviving 15 surgeries, he achieved a full recovery and made it his life’s mission to save lives by ending drunk driving. His work as a victim’s advocate, motivational speaker and personal injury attorney have been influenced by his past experience as a drunk driving victim and the support given to him and his family by MADD in 1989. His book, Spring Break: A True Story of Hope and Determination serves as an inspiration to many survivors and their families.  Click here to read more about Steven.

Steven Benvenisti wth his son