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Why Debate the Irrefutable? 21 Saves Lives.
By MADD | April 24, 2014| 1 Comments | Filed in: Underage Drinking

This debate is past its prime, as well as suggesting personal opinions should trump research-based, proven-effective lifesaving laws that protect youth—and all of us. A mountain of research is on the side of age 21. Seventy-eight percent of Americans are on the side of 21. And MADD is proud that we helped pass and continue to protect 21 as the Minimum Drinking Age Law. It’s time to shift the focus from the law itself to its enforcement by adults. Imagine how many more lives would be saved if parents and other adults no longer provided alcohol to teens? The cruelty of this issue is the needless deaths and injuries due to underage drinking. Sadly, we have an army of moms and dads who know this pain all too well. Thanks to 21, we will keep families safe.



Submitted by Logic at 06:43 PM on April 26, 2014
The 21 drinking age is one of the most misguided and idiotic laws in this country's history. The debate is far from over, and the law will eventually be repealed. Here are two of many articles in opposition to MADD and its fetishistic attachment to the 21 drinking age:

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