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The U.S Widely Opposes Lowering Drinking Age
By MADD | August 13, 2014| 2 Comments | Filed in: Underage Drinking , Power of Parents

According to a new poll released by Gallup, 74 percent of Americans are against lowering the drinking age to 18 while only 25 percent would favor it.

  Graph from

At MADD, we support the 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age law because it prevents tragedies—decreasing crashes by an estimated sixteen percent and saving more than 25,000 lives. Click here to read more reasons why 21 saves lives. 

Sign up for our legislative alerts, and we’ll let you know when legislation to lower the drinking age is introduced in your state.

To learn more about the current 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age law, click here, and to read the full report from this poll, click here.



Submitted by WiseBeyondHer(18)Years at 12:23 AM on August 20, 2014
Education is key. The problem is people tend to treat alchohol education like sex education. Instead of actually talking about it and explaining how to go about it in a safe manner, they just tell them "Don't do it," and then try their hardest to create a bubble where no external information about the subject seeps in, which is, of course, next to impossible.
Submitted by Enlightened at 02:19 PM on August 13, 2014
I do not understand how you can ask your 18 year olds to go to war and die for their country but they can't have a beer!!! You ask them to be responsible and tell them they are an adult at 18 yet they can't buy a bottle of wine or share a glass at the family table Try looking to Europe for how to empower the individuals when they become an "adult" - there people are trusted to make the right decision as an upright member of society - not told that they can't be sensible enough to drink I consider that these draconian and very outdated "mayflower rules" are an insult to anyone reaching the threshold of adulthood and in any other developed civilised 1st world country would be simply laughed at as ridiculous In your desire to (quite rightly) reduce drink driving you have taken away one of the myriad experiences of the odyssey from child to adult just because you think it is right to do so Shame on you for being so misguided

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