Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving: 2014 Report to the Nation

In November 2006, in response to the more than 13,000 people who were being killed each year in drunk driving crashes, MADD launched the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving®.  The Campaign is a blueprint for the nation to eliminate drunk driving.

MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving focuses on saving lives through:

  • Support for high-visibility law enforcement activities
  • Legislation requiring ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers
  • Development of automotive technologies for passive alcohol detection

Data and research show that if we are successful implementing these three tenets of the Campaign, we can actually eliminate drunk driving in America.

Today, we’re releasing Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving: 2014 Report to the Nation, which provides an overview of legislative accomplishments, highlights state-by-state drunk driving reform, and provides a glimpse of what is on the horizon. 

Unique to this report is the five-star rating of each state. States receive a star to indicate the adoption of one of five proven DUI countermeasures:

  • Requiring ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers
  • Conducting sobriety checkpoints
  • Creating enhanced penalties for those who drive drunk with children in the vehicle
  • Participating in “no-refusal” activities for those suspected of drunk driving
  • Utilizing Administrative License Revocation for drunk driving offenders

Over the past seven years, public support for Campaign initiatives has been overwhelming.  Thanks to you, we’ve made tremendous progress in the fight against drunk driving. But our work is not done yet.  We plan to stay focused and reach our goal to rid our nation of this violent crime.  You can help by emailing your lawmakers in support of legislative activities that MADD is spearheading in your state or by sharing our new report with your friends via email or social media.