Help Make a Difference Every Day

Every day, hearts break for 28 people who won’t ever come back home because of drunk driving.

Every day, more than 900 people will have their lives changed by a drunk driving injury; some of them will be forever changed.

These everyday people will have their lives changed in a second.  While in this dark tunnel, in their pain, they will be thrust into complex legal and medical systems without a guide.

Every day, MADD advocates are there to be that guide, the light in dark places.  But to be there, we need your support.

Your gift of just sixty cents every day – eighteen dollars a month – can be that light in dark places that victims and survivors need.  That gift can provide that shoulder to cry on and the answers to questions in that critical first hour after someone learns of a crash.

It’s not often you can change a life for sixty cents a day.  But knowing we can count on your support allows us to reach more hearts and touch more lives, until that great day when together we end drunk driving completely.

So, please consider setting up a monthly gift today— that’s how your everyday gift can be extraordinary.