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MADD National President Receives Kevin Quinlan Award
By MADD | January 14, 2014| 2 Comments | Filed in: Drugged Driving , Drunk Driving

Every year, Maryland hosts a special memorial in Annapolis to remember those killed by drunk and drugged drivers. Families are given the opportunity to display pictures of their loved ones, speak the names of those killed out loud and give testimonials about this preventable crime and lives gone too soon. This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Maryland Remembers Ceremony.

The ceremony concluded with the presentation of the Quinlan Memorial Highway Safety Leadership Award.   Kevin Quinlan was a well-respected and admired leader in the traffic safety community.  One of his greatest passions was the fight to stop drunk driving.  His expert testimony led to the passage of many effective countermeasures across this nation. 

This year’s recipient was our very own National President, Jan Withers.  Jan has been a leader in Maryland’s effort to combat drunk and drugged driving for over a decade.  In addition to working tirelessly to save lives as MADD National President, she continues to advocate for victims through MADD Maryland by facilitating a support group for victims and serve on MADD Maryland’s State Operations Council.

Congratulations, Jan, and thank you for all you do!

Photo credit: Maryland GovPicks.



Submitted by wjhmadd84 at 07:42 AM on January 15, 2014
Kevin would be very proud of you Jan. Congrats. :)
Submitted by jurado at 06:55 PM on January 14, 2014
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