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Looking Forward
By MADD | January 6, 2014| 1 Comments | Filed in: Victim Services , Underage Drinking , Drunk Driving , General

It may be a new year, but the fight against drunk driving is still as vital as ever.  Last year we learned that drunk driving deaths increased for the first time in six years… a trend we are determined to get back on track.

So now, at this time of the year, a time of new beginnings, we are recommitting ourselves to making an impact in the fight against drunk driving and saving lives in 2014.

This year, our goals are to:

  • Continue introducing new legislation to states that currently do not require convicted drunk drivers to use ignition interlock devices.  Help us by emailing your legislators to advocate for change.  In 2013, MADD supporters helped require interlocks for all offenders in two more states (Maine and Tennessee), but we still have 30 states to go.
  • Educate law enforcement, judiciary, highway safety groups and lawmakers on the benefits of ignition interlock devices to help increase the number in use.  Learn more about ignition interlocks.
  • Support the technologies that will eliminate drunk driving in the long-term.  Learn more here.  (We just got the good news that funding for this program has been extended, so we’ve taken another step toward ending drunk driving.)
  • Expand the public awareness and reach of MADD victim services. Learn more about MADD Victim Services.
  • Recruit and train more volunteer victim advocates.  You can become a volunteer here.
  • Reach more parents with the Power of Parents handbook and more youth with the Power of Youth teen booklet.

We’re looking forward to working with you for a 2014 full of progress!



Submitted by Hurley at 12:33 AM on January 9, 2014
"SKATEBOARDING JUST GOT MADD" is my goal for 2014! I want to help you get into the entire global skateboarding industry that attracts more youth than baseball (fact)! We could start by dropping adds in skateboard mags and launching speaking/awareness campaigns at all the big major events. I see you guys even being able to sponsor sober skaters and form a MADD SKATEBOARDING TEAM with my help! I'm willing to drop everything I'm doing to do whatever it takes to create an awareness campaign in this overlooked industry all across the world. Tons of skaters that leave the "big contest" or "video premiers" go straight to the sometimes advertised "AFTER PARTY" to get wasted at the after parties! Google 20 year old Amateur skater that died immediately after the impact in a drunk driving accident back in 2007. Search specifically for Shane Cross, that was killed by his own teammate, pro skateboarder, Ali Boulala. Everyday that these skaters drive home drunk from the party is another missed opportunity to change the mentality of the skaters headed in the wrong direction, you need to have an influence that is on the inside (ME)! Who do I email to get involved? I have a life changing success story that will impact the you(th)that hear it and strongly believe that we can unite to save thousands of lives together! I'm in Lakeland Florida waiting to hear from you... please email me at or call my cell @ 817-287-8112 I'm 33 years old and a sponsored skateboarder that has been riding for 22 years now! Amazingly, next month, February 21st, 2014 will mark my 3 year anniversary of being alcohol free because I made a choice to cut it off knowing I cannot have one drink, like some of us can! I AM VERY INTERESTED IN TEAMING UP SOMEHOW! Sincerely, Josh Hurley cell @ 817-287-8112

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