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MADD Featured on Katie
By MADD | January 16, 2014| 1 Comments | Filed in: Underage Drinking , Power of Parents

MADD National President Jan Withers was recently invited to appear on Katie Couric’s talk show, Katie, to talk about underage drinking and the importance of the 21 minimum drinking age.  College student and MADD National Board Member Monica Vandehei was also there, and spoke about the need for enforcement of the 21 drinking age law on college campuses.

The episode, called “Teens and Alcohol,” also features the bereaved parents of an 18-year-old boy who died in an underage drunk driving crash.  It is scheduled to air on January 17, 2014 (check your local listing for time).

At MADD, we know that our hopes for a safer future are riding on tomorrow’s drivers. By getting today’s youth off to a good start, we are taking a giant step toward fulfilling our vision of a nation without drunk driving. That’s why we’re focused on tackling underage drinking, a problem that threatens the health and safety of our kids and endangers entire communities, now and down the road.

Learn more about underage drinking and what you can do to prevent teen alcohol use.



Submitted by Ben at 08:07 PM on January 21, 2014
Does the government have the authority to set a minimum drinking age? Why the arbitrary cut off point of 21? Kids don't obey the drinking age even though we keep wasting more and more money trying to fruitlessly enforce it.

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