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Self-Driving Vehicles
By MADD | May 28, 2014| 7 Comments | Filed in: Drugged Driving , Drunk Driving , General

MADD is excited about the possibilities of self-driving vehicles. We support the development of advanced technology that will reduce crashes, fatalities and injuries on our roadways. Both the self-driving technology and the DADSS (Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety) technology, which automatically detects a driver’s blood alcohol concentration, hold tremendous promise for a safer tomorrow. We look forward to future advancements that will eventually eliminate drunk driving completely.



Submitted by theJesse at 07:47 PM on August 31, 2014
In what ways is MADD supporting self-driving vehicles? I would like to support self-driving vehicles as well, but since I can't purchase one yet, it's a little tricky to figure out the best way to actually support this very important movement. There is a lot of FUD out there about self driving cars, and education and strong legal expertise to fight the ignorance is what is needed now. Fortunately there is market power behind these things, it's not longer a grassroots project; nonetheless I'd like to contribute toward the goal of my child live in a world where humans only drive cars recreationally. These things will be right up there with antibiotics when it comes to lives saved. Godspeed to all that are playing a part in the revolution.
Submitted by Mike at 08:49 PM on August 27, 2014
Hey Madd, are you really looking to eliminate drunk driving completely. Wouldn't that make you bankrupt, lol. When cars have the option to drive themselves your mega million dollar "organization" will go bankrupt so fast it will make Enron look like a stable company. It really is karma when it comes to a neo-prohibitionist company such as yourself that profits from lies and lobbyist to pass laws that make casual responsible drinkers criminals.
Submitted by COM.DriverlessCar at 05:19 PM on June 12, 2014
COM.DriverlessCar 2014: The International Summit on Driverless Car Computing, will take place on Aug. 4-6 in Washington DC. ( The keynote speakers from USDOT and other governmental agencies and top industries will reveal the federal government's and industrial vision and future roadmap for self-driving cars. The summit also offers several hot panels on self-driving cars: Panel 1: How Self-driving Cars Could Change the World? Panel 2: Big Data and Driverless Cars -- How Big Data Drives Smart Cars? Panel 3: Visual Computing -- Eyes of Self-Driving Cars Panel 4: Geospatial Computing for Driverless Cars Panel 5: Big Data and Driverless Vehicles for Defense
Submitted by Metlman at 12:57 AM on June 8, 2014
Yes, self-driving cars will lead to more drinking in vehicles, but the people drinking will not be in control of the vehicle, and therefore, almost all DUI vanishes with the appearence of self-driving cars. No longer would a person have to be afraid of a drunk person in a car, as the car would just be sending them home so they can sleep off their intoxication. In fact, you wouldn't have to be afraid of any dangerous people in cars: the person on their cellphone, the guy who got 3 hours of sleep and is dozing off in the car, the guy who is too busy eating or talking to pay attention to the road, or a rubbernecker who has their attention glued to wherever a cop car is. Self-driving cars present a new angle on safe driving, safe driving where nobody has to be scared behind the wheel or walking on the sidewalk.
Submitted by A at 01:45 PM on June 7, 2014
As J said, autonomous vehicles will lead to more drinking (and recreational drug use) by vehicle occupants. It can not be stressed enough, however, the enormous benefit this technology will have on driving deaths and injuries. I'm glad MADD has come out in support of this, but for those of you with reservations I urge you to keep practical realities in mind. Is your goal to control people's behavior in every aspect of recreational substance use, or is to save lives? Because this technology will do the latter in a way that no safety technology or public campaign has ever had the ability to. What we are looking at is the beginning of the end of drunk and drugged driving deaths.
Submitted by PaulGodsmark at 03:51 AM on June 7, 2014
At the Canadian AUtomated Vehicles Centre of Excellence (CAVCOE) we believe that this is the right decision from MADD. With self-driving vehicles we actually have the opportunity to eventually eliminate impaired driving and thereby save countless lives in the process. If there is the chance to work with you in this endeavour then we will gladly do so.
Submitted by j at 03:29 PM on June 4, 2014
self driving cars will lead to more drinking in vehicles.

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