A Footnote in the History Books

Holiday time in November and December is about family to me. It is a time to spend celebrating with friends. And it is also the time of year during which drunk driving injuries and deaths increase dramatically. That means many families will face needless heartache instead of celebration.

But there will be a day when no more families will be shattered because of drunk driving. MADD’s plan to make that day a reality is on course. Technology will soon prevent people from being able to drive when they have a BAC of .08 or above.

Until then I want to remind everyone, especially this time of year when more celebrations and gatherings happen, that if you will be drinking alcohol, decide before you ever go out how you will get home with a non-drinking designated driver.

MADD is sharing red ribbons and magnets for our annual Tie One On For Safety Campaign®. I ask you to put one on each of your vehicles, to remind everyone to not drink and drive this holiday season.

I can hardly wait for the day when the message connected to these red ribbons is obsolete, because drunk driving will be a footnote in the history books. I can hardly wait for the day when holiday time only means time for family and friends during which there will be no new tragedies and no new heartaches because of someone’s decision to drink and drive.