New MADD Victim Services PSA

For MADD’s 35th anniversary year, we are proud to release our new PSA focused on MADD Victim Services—the first new PSA about MADD Victim Services in 10 years.

Victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving crashes, as well as their loved ones, often feel lost and hopeless after a crash. While friends and family members are often available in the days immediately surrounding the tragedy, finding a support system that lasts a lifetime can be difficult. That is why MADD Victim Services are so vital to those who have been impacted by this violent crime.

At MADD, victims always have a place. And always will. We provide supportive services at no charge to the victim and their loved ones, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year, as long as they need us. With this PSA, we hope to reach even more victims and survivors to spread the word that MADD is here for them.

We would like to give a special thanks to the three families from North Texas who took part in the PSA: Gwendolyn and Louis Edwards whose son Louis Jarrod was killed in a drunk driving crash in November of 2010; Joshua Tisdale, a young boy whose mother Kelly Tisdale was killed as a pedestrian in a drugged driving crash in September 2011; Hermelinda and Juan Martinez whose sister Maria Vazquez was killed by a drunk driver on Father’s Day in 2012.

The families are followed by MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church, whose son Dustin was killed by a drunk and drugged driver in July 2004. The bond they wish they never had in common—drunk and drugged driving tragedies that were 100% preventable. Tragedies that led them to find comfort and help… and eventually hope… at MADD.

Please watch and share this new PSA to help spread the word to the hundreds of thousands injured every year, and to the loved ones of the more than 10,000 people killed, to let them know that they always have a place at MADD.