Inspiring change, saving lives

One life lost is one too many. It’s a sentiment that strongly bonds MADD and Texas-based advertising and communications agency GDC Marketing and Ideation in the desire to save lives on Texas roadways.

As a strategic partner with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), GDC has planned and implemented multiple statewide initiatives for the state agency, including educating motorists on the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving. Spurred by its organizational mission to “Inspire Change,” GDC created the on-going Plan While You Can campaign for TxDOT that urges drivers to make a plan for a sober ride home before they go out and consume alcohol. Ever committed to expanding upon its expertise on the issue of drinking and driving, GDC invited MADD to deliver a Victim Assistance Training course to its employees.

The full-day training covered topics such as how to address drunk driving survivors, the aftermath of bereavement and injury, and law enforcement’s response to substance impaired driving crimes. MADD National Senior Director of Victim Services Lauren Rowe and San Antonio Police Detective Michael Moore served as presenters and were joined by Abraham Diaz, Rosie Moncada and Americao Moncada who shared personal testimonials of their journey after losing loved ones in drunk driving crashes.

“The training had a strong impact on our employees,” said GDC Partner and COO Beth Wammack. “Through our work with TxDOT, we seek to give a voice to the families whose lives are forever changed by drunk driving crashes. The information shared during the MADD training will be beneficial in how we continue to shape and share these stories.”

If you would like to learn more about the training MADD provides, please call our national office at 1-877-ASk-MADD.