Why the Nationwide match matters

More than 10,000 people were killed by drunk driving last year. We must end this - and we can!

But MADD, as one of the largest crime victim services organizations in the nation and the ONLY grassroots organization focused on stopping this 100% preventable crime, needs YOU! 

The majority of individual donations come in December. That means our ability to provide services and programs throughout the other 11 other months is dependent on your generosity during the next 30 days.

I personally want to let you know that I believe MADD to be a responsible steward of your donations.

How do we use your gifts?


MADD reaches into the community to teach teenagers about the dangers of underage drinking and drunk driving with its Power of You(th)® Program. At the same time, it works with their mothers and fathers through the Power of Parents® Program. Together, those efforts are helping to eliminate the myths, focus on the truth and change the culture. In addition, MADD is piloting a SMART program that will give those under 21 years of age who have been arrested for underage drinking or traffic violations the tools to make better decisions in the future.

Legislative Initiatives

Dating back to its inception, MADD has worked to change laws. Every state using .08 as the measurement for drunk driving is an example of the early success. Now, MADD is working to improve drunk driving laws in each state, targeting the use of Ignition Interlock Devices for all offenders, DUI Child Endangerment laws and others. Led by our Governmental Affairs Team, state staff and volunteers work with legislators to pass sensible legislation that helps save lives.

Supporting the Development of Life Saving Technology

The Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving is dependent on the development of technology. That’s why MADD is so supportive of the DADSS Program, the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety.  Focusing on the development of in-vehicle technology to prevent alcohol-impaired driving, DADSS may lead to a day when there are No More Victims®.  

Supporting Law Enforcement

MADD actively supports the work of law enforcement around the country - from being with them during Sobriety Checkpoints to honoring them for their vigilance in making our roads safer. Because they have their boots on the ground enforcing our laws 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, lives are being saved.

Supporting Victims

And, for victims, there is always a place at MADD. That is as true today as it was at the founding 36 years ago. That support never wanes, even while doing all of the above.

So, please help us continue our efforts with a donation this month.

Remember, whatever you’re able to give will be matched by Nationwide®, giving MADD double the impact this coming year!