"I will never forget that kiss." MADD National President

Drunk and drugged driving destroys families.

It destroyed ours 12 years ago this month when our youngest son Dustin was killed. My husband Skip, our son Casey, and I have survived. But nothing is the same. 

When the four of us were together, we had a lot of fun… memorable trips to Disney World, summer vacations to Lake George and Cape Cod. We followed the boys on their athletic pursuits.

But the everyday moments are what I miss the most...Dustin sitting on the floor of the bedroom talking to me about his day…….the simple “I love you” before bed.

Even though you, as a parent, understand that some of those special moments will pass as your child grows, you could always look forward to what the next special moment. And the one after that. And the one after that. Drunk drivers take that away. An offender's selfish decision to drink and drive not only kills people but destroys all the memories that might have been. They are a plague in our society and kill nearly 10,000 people, injure more than 2500,000 and cost us, as a nation, nearly $200 billion to clean up the mess.
Those are statistics. They’re shocking. But no number compares to the devastation of losing someone you love.

That’s why I’m here as National President of MADD… to try to make a difference, to try to make people understand that we have to fight this scourge. We MUST pass laws that stop this. We MUST adjudicate those laws properly, not suspend sentences in egregious cases that take lives. And personally, I believe we MUST make the decision to never to drink and drive.
My heart is breaking today….my heart cries every time I hear the news of yet another person killed by a drunk/drugged driver….my heart, like all the victims and survivors, needs to heal.

We can win the fight.  It won’t be easy.  And everyone needs to be a part of it. Our son Dustin can’t be here, but he is still making a difference. Please help us create a future with No More Victims® by donating $18 today in memory of the precious 18 years I had with my boy. Forever 18, forever in my heart. 
I will never forget the kiss Dustin gave me in front of Niagara Falls as I held him close. Don't miss the kiss of your loved one. Donate today.