President's Message: Legislative Update

For me, the first half of each year includes visits to state legislatures around the country. There are meetings with lawmakers, testimony before various committees and interviews and news conferences with the media. It’s all to support the great efforts of MADD’s Government Affairs Office as they work to strengthen drunk driving laws in every state - a vital component of our mission to end drunk driving.
The march forward continued this spring with the unanimous passing of an all-offender ignition interlock law in Maryland (Read more about Noah's law), an optional first-offender Ignition Interlock law in Georgia, a DUI Child Endangerment law in Connecticut, improvements to Ignition Interlock laws in Tennessee and Mississippi and a law extending the look back period in Kentucky to ten years. Ohio, just this week, moved a step closer to strengthening its ignition interlock laws when the state House approved Annie's Law. This critical steps forward mean fewer families will suffer from the 100% preventable crime of drunk driving.
There also is legislation to improve drunk driving laws pending in California, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Michigan.  Forward progress was made in Florida and other states… and we’ll be back to continue the work next year - and every year after until we create a future of No More Victims®. 
It’s rewarding to see the effort of so many people at MADD pay off with laws that will save lives. You can help in your state.  Your voice matters and so does your vote.  That’s why your representatives will listen to you when you call. So please join us in the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving.

You CAN make a difference!