The future begins - autonomous vehicles

A September news conference in Washington, DC, allowed many of us to dream about a day when there will be NO MORE VICTIMS®.  In front of more than 80 media outlets from around the country, United States Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced the federal guidelines for the development of autonomous vehicles… cars that would essentially drive themselves.  

“Automated vehicles have the potential to save thousands of lives, driving the single biggest leap in road safety that our country has ever taken," he said to the group,

As Secretary Foxx introduced me, I thought about living in a world with no drunk driving crashes. It’s what we work for every day, and it is amazing how these vehicles could propell us closer to that goal.

“From MADD’s perspective, we really do share the same goal. It’s an incredibly important step in dramatic improvement of highway safety. Our goal is to save lives," I said to those gathered, 

Administrator Mark Rosekind of the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration echoed the sentiment in saying, “We are moving forward on the safe deployment of automated technologies because of the enormous promise they hold to address the overwhelming majority of crashes and save lives.”

Henry Claypool, Policy Director, Community Living Policy Center, University of California San Francisco said, “Automated vehicles hold enormous potential to improve the lives of millions of Americans like me who because of a disability, age, or other condition are not able to enjoy easy access to personal transportation.”

As I said that day, “We see a future where self-driving cars will save thousands of lives on our roads. A self-driving car can’t get drunk. A self-driving car can’t get distracted. And a self-driving car will follow the traffic laws and prioritize safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.”

NO MORE VICTIMS. We’ve taken another step toward that goal.