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Did you take a 10-minute break today? Maybe grab a cup of coffee, check your phone or gather around the metaphorical water cooler?

In 2016, in-car breathalyzers stopped nearly seven drunk driving attempts every 10 minutes — the time it takes for a short coffee break, according to our recently released ignition interlock report. Last year, in-car breathalyzers stopped a total of almost 1,000 attempts to join you on the road every day. That adds up to 348,727 prevented drunk driving attempts prevented in 2016.

That's why we want to extend this protection. This is the last day to see your gift in support of all-offender ignition interlock laws DOUBLED up to $10,000 by a generous donor. That means if 5,000 people give just $5 each, we can more than meet the match.

Already, many people have stood up to demand this lifesaving device. Will you join them today?

We appreciate everything you do in support of MADD. Last year, we passed similar laws in three states and the District of Columbia, exceeding our goal! But we are still losing more than 10,000 people to drunk driving annually.

Will you help us meet our goal of 5,000 $5 gifts during this match campaign?

Ignition interlocks move us closer and closer to a future of No More Victims®. Please join us in demanding interlocks for all drunk drivers in all 50 states.

Everyone at MADD appreciates your support.


What Makes An Ignition Interlock Different?

Because it STOPS drunk driving.  
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Ignition interlocks accomplish what a license suspension and other monitoring technologies cannot – separate drinking from driving.

Ignition Interlock vs. License Suspension After DUI

Join us to demand this protection across the country.

All gifts by 03/31 DOUBLED

Double your good  
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It’s a simple equation. Drinking + driving = tragedy.

Offenders don’t seem to understand the problem. Repeat offenses are rampant – six times, nine times, 13 times – and offenders just keep going. And they will until we make them stop.

In-car breathalyzers stop offenders. They stop the destruction and death one person’s choices can inflict on innocent victims. Help us start shifting the numbers to our side. Be one of 5,000. Give $5 to save lives.ignitionsummarylow.png

And here is your opportunity to MULTIPLY the good your gift can do. Every donation this month will be matched, allowing you to advocate TWICE as much for lifesaving interlocks.

Drunk driving killed more than 10,000 people last year, but how much larger would that number be if we didn’t have the protection of the strongest all-offender interlock laws in more than half the country? Thankfully, we don’t have to find out.

If you’ve already donated to MADD, then please know that we greatly appreciate your commitment and dedication to ending drunk driving.

5,000 strong for ignition interlocks

Have you heard about an "in-car breathalyzer"  that drunk driving offenders install in their vehicles that prevents drunk driving? Not some of the time – all of the time. Every time. The vehicle doesn’t move a single inch.

Ignition interlocks, as they are called, have prevented more than 1.77 million drunk driving attempts and are more effective than license suspensions. What we cannot know for sure is how many lives these devices have saved. But if the number is more than one – and we know it is – then MADD is grateful.

Will you join with us today by giving $5? We are asking 5,000 people who believe in a future of No More Victims® to step up to make it happen.

It is heartbreaking to hear stories of people who would have been spared the devastation of a crash or the loss of a loved one if the protection of ignition interlocks had just been in place sooner. Ignition interlocks grant us the ability to limit the destruction.

Last year, we achieved amazing success. Vermont passed an ignition interlock law. So did Maryland and the District of Columbia – all in one year. Today, 28 states and the District of Columbia offer the protection of interlocks for all offenders.

But that still leaves 22 states - and all the innocent people who live there - without protection from repeat offenses.

 The finish line is closer than ever before. Help us cross it?

YOU delivered teddy bear hugs

We must share a special "thank you" from the bottom of our hearts with everyone who took part in our February campaign focusing on children endangered by drunk driving. We shared that nearly half the children killed in crashes are riding with offenders, and, wow, did MADD supporters stand up to make a difference.

Thank you so much for giving a teddy bear hug to a child endangered by drunk driving. Your generosity means a child — potentially one riding with the offender — receives a little fuzzy, cuddly teddy bear to hug for comfort in a very scary and very adult situation.

We informed our law enforcement heroes across the country that we have nearly 250 bears to give to them for FREE, and the requests are pouring in! Police departments in Texas, Alabama, Florida and more have already said they want bears. We will begin sending out the teddy bears shortly, and we won't stop until every single bear is tucked away in a police vehicle for the next child in need. We will be sure to share pictures and vidoes of the officers with the bears with you!

But we have even more to thank you for achieving! Nearly 2,000 of you took the time to tell your legislators that we, as voters, demand stronger child endangerment laws.

Sadly, we know these laws are necessary. During the campaign, we tragically shared several news stories involving children who were riding with the alleged drunk driver.

A teddy bear may not seem like much to us, but, to a child after a crash or arrest, we know it will make the world a little less scary.

And that's an amazing gift you provided. 

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