2016 Ignition Interlock Report - Lifesaving Technoloogy

MADD volunteers and staff have logged thousands of hours at state capitols across the nation advocating for ignition interlock laws for all drunk driving offenders ever since we launched the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving® in 2006.

MADD knows these in-car devices save lives. To prove it, we did what MADD has done for more than 35 years — we examined the data.

What we found was startling: Ignition interlocks have prevented 1.77 million attempts by a driver to drive with an illegal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher.

Because these drivers have already been convicted of drinking & driving at least once, the ignition interlock is installed with the understanding that they will not drink and drive again at any BAC level.
Yet, interlock-restricted drivers have been stopped nearly 12.7 million times with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .025 or higher.

These numbers highlight three facts at the core of MADD’s Campaign:

  1. Drunk driving offenders MUST be monitored before receiving unrestricted driving privileges.
  2. Simply trusting an offender to honor a license suspension does NOT protect the public. 
  3. Ignition interlocks do what NO OTHER alcohol program can — block drunk drivers from starting their vehicles and using them as deadly weapons.

This report shows the alarming number of prevented drunk driving attempts — broken down by state — and recommends how every state can improve their ignition interlock laws to better protect the public from this completely preventable, violent crime.

Twenty-five states have ignition interlock laws that apply to all drunk driving offenders. States like Arizona and West Virginia have seen a reduction in drunk driving fatalities of 50 and 40 percent — reductions that are unheard of in traffic safety.

MADD will continue to evaluate and push for stronger laws in every state so more offenders will use interlocks.

In the 25 states that don’t have all-offender ignition interlock laws, MADD calls on legislators to pass these lifesaving laws this year. With nearly 10,000 people killed every year as a result of drunk driving, we must act now to create a nation of No More Victims®.

Read the report here and talk to your legislators about enacting all-offender ignition interlock laws.

San Fran Vigil Honors Victims

Dear MADD Supporter,

While most people have been focusing on San Francisco because of the Super Bowl, I was there the week before the big game for another important gathering… a candlelight vigil honoring and remembering those who lost their lives to drunk and drugged driving.


  Survivor Steve Domenick with MADD National
  President Colleen Sheehey-Church


  MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church
  with local MADD Bay Area team members

  Law enforcement officials remember those lost to
  drunk and drugged driving

  Singer/Songwriter James Nagel performed
  at the Vigil

About 100 people came to the Cliff House, an iconic building on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, to share stories and memories of their loved ones senselessly killed. The historic landmark, where more than 30 ships crashed onto the southern shore of the Golden Gate, seemed a fitting location to honor and remember the
friends and family members we have lost. 

MADD Bay Area Program Director Natasha Thomas, MADD National Board Member Mary Klotzbach, and I told our stories and shared messages of hope with victims, volunteers, the California Highway Patrol, San Francisco Sheriffs, and first responders.

I met a survivor named Steven, who was just seconds from his home when a drunk driver t-boned his car, killing his wife instantly and severely injuring him. After several months of recovery in the hospital, Steven now lives with a traumatic brain injury that will never heal.  He has lost everything in his life that meant anything, but it is his passion for MADD that I will remember.  Steven and his wife will be in my heart forever.

Another experience I will remember for years to come was listening to singer/songwriter James Nagel, a Bay area native whose rendition of “Tears In Heaven” left everyone present a little teary eyed. This event, like so many other events, renewed my commitment to MADD’s mission. I will continue this fight for them and many others until there are NO MORE VICTIMS! That is my promise to you.

Like many MADD affiliates, the San Francisco MADD Bay Area is small, but they are mighty! The hearts and souls of the staff and volunteers are big. Since opening that area, they have made an impact in the area by continually growing the number of victims supported and continuing the mission to end drunk and drugged driving.

I want to thank Domenica Cardenas for her energy in putting the vigil together and giving the final remarks about the love for her Dad, who was killed before Father's Day in 2013 by a drunk driver.

Thank you San Francisco Bay Area......until I see you again....I honor all you do.



Win #DinnerWithDelanie

Imagine kicking off your Super Bowl 50 celebration with a private dinner with one of the National Football League’s top Tight Ends followed by an exclusive, private tour of San Francisco?

You don’t have to imagine.

One lucky person and two of their friends will win #DinnerWithDelanie and an Uber tour of his San Francisco spots with Tennessee Titan Tight End Delanie Walker. To enter, simply sign MADD’s pledge to play the Most Valuable Position in the NFL: The Designated Driver. Visit

MADD, through its partnerships with the NFL and Uber, is working to keep the Super Bowl safe by asking people to plan ahead to have a designated driver.

Sadly, four years ago, Delanie Walker lost two of his strongest supporters – his aunt and uncle – to a drunk driving crash after playing in the 2008 Super Bowl for the San Francisco 49ers. Like thousands of other people, it only took a split second for a reckless decision to irrevocably change his life forever. Nearly 10,000 people are killed in drunk driving crashes every year.

Designating a driver BEFORE the party is one way to lower those statistics and prevent another tragedy.

The winner will be randomly selected from pledges and announced at a press conference in San Francisco on Thursday, Feb. 4th. One fan and their lucky friends will claim their prize that evening.

Let’s make Super Bowl 50 the safest one yet!

MADD's Live Coverage of Ethan Couch Detention Hearing

Massachusetts investigation finds stunning data on repeat drunk drivers

What is it going to take to keep repeat drunk driving offenders off the roads? 

A lot more than one conviction for “operating under the influence,” or OUI, according to Registered Motor Vehicle data for Massachusetts obtained by Fox25 Investigates.

The numbers are startling. 

Tens of thousands of Massachusetts drivers did not get the message after the first conviction. The data shows that more than 45,000 drivers in the state have three or more OUI convictions. More than 2,500 drivers have more than five. In fact, one driver in the state had 21 convictions. 

Ignoring the law has deadly consequences. Previous efforts to punish offenders centered on taking away a first-time offenders drivers’ license, something many repeat offenders simply ignore. A proposed new law would change that.

MADD, along with AAA, supports Senate Bill 1895 by Sen. James Timilty of Walpole, which requires first-time offenders to install ignition interlock devices (IID) in their cars. The device necessitates that the driver blows into a breathalyzer before the vehicle will start. Currently, state law in Massachusetts requires such a device after the second offense. 

Click here to support SB1895 to require all convicted drunk drivers in Massachusetts to install interlocks on their cars. 

Requiring interlocks for all offenders will save lives. Oregon, Arizona, Louisiana, and New Mexico have all seen their drunk driving deaths drop by more than 30 percent after all-offender interlock laws were passed. CDC research finds reductions in repeat offenses of about two-thirds due to interlocks. 

Does your state have an all-offender interlock law? Find out here. 

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