Donuts Sold in Arizona in Support of MADD

Arizonans throughout the state rushed over to Dunkin Donuts on Feb. 28, 2017 to buy a MADD Donut, and support the efforts of the organization in ending drunk driving. Thank you to Dunkin Donuts, and our supporters who picked up these delicious treats at their local Dunkin Donuts store.

The success , despite bad weather, shows Arizona’s continued commitment to helping those in need. MADD CEO Debbie Weir personally witnessed and was very pleased with the community spirit shown by everyone who supported MADD by buying a MADD donut.

MADD and Dunkin Donuts’ combined success showcased not only their efforts to end drunk driving, but it also served as a reminder of the community support that MADD has around the country.

Through events like this, we can spread awareness about the deadly consequences of the violent and 100 percent preventable crime of drunk driving, raise funds to continue MADD’s 24-hour efforts to end drunk driving and support victims of drunk driving crashes. It is because of community support that we can envision a near future of No More Victims®.

Giving Tuesday Resource Center

How to serve as a MADD #GivingTuesday Ambassador

Thank you for helping MADD spread the message about Giving Tuesday, which takes place Tuesday, Nov. 29th.

We have an exciting new opportunity to make this year even better – Nationwide will DOUBLE all Giving Tuesday gifts – but ONLY if we raise $24,000. I know we can achieve it together!

Throughout the day, MADD will honor and remember one victim of drunk and drugged driving every hour of Giving Tuesday as a reminder that we are giving for those we CAN save and those we’ve lost.

These next few weeks are crucial. Help us inspire others to give back on #GivingTuesday. Here are six ways you can help:

  1. Update your profile picture: Add our Giving Tuesday Twibbon to your profile picture. We even have tweets, posts and graphics available in our Giving Tuesday toolkit.

  2. Volunteer: Give back by giving your time. Ask your local MADD office how you can assist them on Giving Tuesday.

  3. Invite other ambassadors: Giving Tuesday is more fun with friends, family, coworkers, and partners, so we encourage you to ask others to join you as a Giving Tuesday ambassador. You can do this via email, on social media, or in-person. If using social media, use the hashtag #GivingTuesday.

  4. Send an email: Send an email to your friends and family inviting them to participate on Giving Tuesday. Don't know what to say? We have you covered with a pre-written template in the toolkit.

  5. Share your story: I am giving in honor of my son, Dustin. Let people know why you are giving. I am sending an email to my friends and family – and you can too!

  6. Get social: Tweet, post, snap, and share through whatever social media channels you use to help us build momentum. Use #GivingTuesday with all your posts.

I know we can do it!

Thank you,


Colleen Sheehey-Church
MADD National President

Facebook post:

  • I’m giving to MADD’s #GivingTuesday in honor of [ENTER VICTIM NAME]. Join me to end drunk driving. #NoMoreVictims {Click here to post this}
  • MADD gives back all year long by helping victims of drunk and drugged driving. Let’s make sure they can keep up the good work next year! Join me on 11/29 for #GivingTuesday {Click here to post this}
  • MADD aims to raise $24,000 on #GivingTuesday, 11/29 to receive a dollar-for-dollar match! A different victim of drunk and drugged driving will be honored every year of the day. Help me fight drunk driving by giving to MADD on #GivingTuesday. {Click here to post this}
  • [Enter BUSINESS NAME] will DOUBLE your donation when you give to MADD on #GivingTuesday, 11/29. Help us end drunk driving #NoMoreVictims {Click here to post this}
  • You up for a challenge? @Nationwide will double MADD’s #GivingTuesday donations but only if we raise $24,000. Let’s give back and help make our roads safer! {Click here to post this}

Twitter posts:


Giving Tuesday banner


Social graphics

Sample Email

Invite your friends and family to join with you on Giving Tuesday

Tell us more...

What’s a MADD membership perk?

It’s the knowledge that you’re contributing to the declining number of drunk driving deaths.

It’s the passion you receive from working toward the challenging, yet achievable, goal of ending drunk driving.

It’s the feeling when you know you’re helping to strengthen laws, support victims of drunk and driving, and educate the next generation regarding the dangers of underage drinking.

If you have a moment, please let us know about what it was like to donate to MADD. It's really easy - simply click below to let us know if you would call your experience a positive or negative one.


Again, thank you. Your gift to our campaigns mean the world to us – and it means fewer people will have their lives turned tragically upside down by drunk driving.

Together, we will end drunk driving.

Pick your favorite Walk Like MADD 2017 t-shirt

Which Walk T-shirt Will You Wear in 2017?

As we prepare for the 2017 Walk Like MADD season, we are pleased to have the opportunity for the first time to ask for YOUR input into next year's t-shirt.

If you have ever participated in a Walk Like MADD event or other charity walk, you know many participants treasure the t-shirt for years. The shirt may represent a connection to a lost loved one or a reminder of a powerful and important event.

So this year, we proudly share with you three design options. Vote for your favorite. We will announce the winning design in August!

All Together

This shirt design zeros in on how we are all in this together.

Will you Walk?

It's a powerful question, and it's one we ask every potential Walk participant.

Drunk Driving Ends Here

Simple, clean, and modern - this design puts it all out there without any distractions or visual clutter.

Vote now!

Which one speaks to you? Do you have a favorite? Or one that you feel best captures our shared mission to end drunk driving?

Uber, MADD partnership saves lives

Why Uber?  MADD knows why!
As the 4th of July  weekend approaches, the media will be entirely too busy reporting on drunk driving fatalities. This is one of the deadliest weekends throughout the year for alcohol-related crashes. During the four-day holiday in 2014, 164 people were killed in drunk driving crashes - a 50% increase over an average day.

MADD refuses to accept this as normal. And, this week, we are proud to announce an enhanced partnership we believe will save lives - begining this weekend!

MADD introduced the concept designated driver to it's organization 30 years ago in 1986. This week, I am pleased to say that Uber has evolved the definition of "designated driver." So, that in addition to your non-drinking driver or public transportation, Uber is standing by as well as MADD's official designated driving app.
For almost a decade, MADD has put technology at the forefront of our Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving®.  Two years ago, this July 4th, we announced a partnership with Uber to keep drunk drivers off the road. As a team, we have spent the last two years raising awareness about the dangers of drunk driving by coordinating events with local and national leaders, participating in public service campaigns, and encouraging both riders and drivers to leave the keys at home and keep their communities safe.
Uber, like MADD,  cares about our cause of getting drunk drivers off the road. They care about rider and driver safety, and they are dedicated to research that helps reduce drunk driving.
This holiday weekend, like all weekends, we want Americas roads to be safe and rid them of drunk drivers. Please join our mission to end drunk driving by donating today. Uber will DOUBLE your donation.

Together, we will make a difference. Have a safe July 4th weekend. Thank you and God Bless America!

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