Students Opposing Substances (Guest Blog)

By Stormey Barton, a member of the MADD National Teen Influencer Group

Howdy, I'm Stormey Barton, Founder of Students Opposing Substances (SOS) and a member of the MADD National Teen Influencers. Parents and kids both staying on the same page about alcohol requires effort and commitment. From my own experiences I have seen that it is much more difficult for me to build trust with my parents if they have no idea about where I am, who I'm with, and what I'm up to after school and on the weekends. 

Communicating expectations every day or night before the kid leaves the house is vital. And that is something that was important for me to capture in my program when I was starting SOS. By signing the contract to join SOS, parents and students are able to talk about alcohol and the expectations for drinking are set. SOS has helped me, and over 1,000 other students bring up the white elephant in the room and set clear rules of the house.

For more information about SOS or how to bring SOS to your school, visit our website at

Today is PowerTalk 21 Day!

21 Days in Support of 21: Day 21

Today’s the day! It’s PowerTalk 21® day – the national day to talk with your kids about alcohol.

Teen alcohol use kills about 4,700 people each year, which is more than all other illegal drugs combined. But the good news is that parents have the power to help their kids make healthy decisions that can keep them safe. In fact, research shows that parents are the primary influence on their kids’ decisions about whether or not to drink alcohol. 

That’s why we started the Power of Parents® program and launched PowerTalk 21 day – to empower parents with the information and resources they need to help keep their children safe.

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Today is #PowerTalk21 day! Get the tools:

And don't forget, every person who downloads the handbook and/or registers for the virtual workshop by midnight tonight (April 21st) will be entered to win an Apple Watch Sport!

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Nationwide is Proud to Sponsor the Power of Parents Program (Guest Blog)

21 Days in Support of 21: Day 20

By Ann Ritterspach, Nationwide Associate Vice President, Affinity Relationship Management

This is Nationwide’s fifth year of being the presenting sponsor of MADD’s Power of Parents® program, and each year I look forward to PowerTalk 21®, knowing how many people we can reach with this lifesaving program.

This year, I’m particularly happy to help launch the middle school handbook, which you can download here. We know that not only are some kids beginning to drink before high school (which significantly increases their chances of having problems with alcohol in later life), but that they are picking up messages about alcohol even at these young ages and acting on them later in life.  As a parent, I really appreciate the information available through the program to help parents have this important conversation with their children.

In addition to being the National Presenting Sponsor of Power of Parents, our Nationwide agents across the country participate in their communities to help spread the word about PowerTalk 21 day – the national day to talk with your kids about alcohol.

Our goal at Nationwide is to help our members protect what matters most to them. And I cannot think of anything more important than helping our members prevent injuries to their children. That is why we introduced Make Safe Happen this year. Through Make Safe Happen, we provide information about household poisons, playing around pools, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and more to keep your children safe. 

Our partnership with MADD and the Power of Parents is just another way to keep your kids safe through resources to help parents and caregivers communicate with their kids about the dangers of underage drinking.

We’re proud to partner with MADD to help keep our nation’s children safe, and I hope you’ll use PowerTalk 21 day as just one opportunity to have the conversation with your kids about alcohol.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

21 Days in Support of 21: Day 19

Join us in thanking our generous sponsors and partners for their support of the Power of Parents program and PowerTalk 21.

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Social Roundtable: House Rules

21 Days in Support of 21: Day 18

Yesterday we shared with you the importance of setting rules for big celebrations like prom and graduation and setting expectations early so your kids know where you stand on underage drinking. And now we want to hear from you!

Join the online social roundtable on our Facebook page, or on Twitter using #HouseRules, and share with us what rules have you established around alcohol and drinking before 21.

And make sure to download our parent handbook to help you start this lifesaving conversation about alcohol with your kids this week at the dinner table. Plus, when you download the handbook by April 21st you’ll be entered to win a $100 Shutterfly gift card to help your kids make lasting memories, as well as entered in the grand prize drawing for an Apple Watch Sport.

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