Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween.  In our household, before it was officially late enough to go “trick-or-treating” the antsy energy of my kids was off the charts - getting dressed in costumes, making sure the bags were sturdy enough, Alisa and her sister, Jenni, coaching their little brother on how to say “trick or treat” and when to say “thank you.”   I truly loved watching their glee as they dressed up in their make-believe outfits and prepared to knock on our neighbors’ doors.  It was a magical time.

Of course my job was to insure their safety.  I walked along side of them, and even when they were a little older and they were feeling it was “uncool” for mom to be with them, I still did so.  When we came home I thought I was being a careful parent by sorting through the goodies, making certain they only consumed commercially wrapped sweets, to protect them from anything slipped into their bags with sinister intent.   But I took quiet happiness watching them sort and divide their treats equally between them, with no prompting from me.  I loved how they cared for one another.

To me Halloween is dedicated to celebrating children and their delight in make-believe.  It can also be an evening for other celebrations so I encourage you to take extra care to be safe.  I wish you a safe and magical Halloween.

Warmly, Jan


Alisa and Jenni, Halloween 1980