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The Magic of MADD
By Jan Withers | December 19, 2011| 2 Comments | Filed in: General

I often tell folks that when I reached out to MADD I didn’t just receive help, I received hope.  That hope rests in the beauty of the many people in MADD, people who believe and never give up in moving toward a nation with no more drunk driving, people who passionately go the extra mile, and people who care – who are dedicated to saving lives and are devoted to supporting those who have been victimized.   Many are courageous individuals who have been victimized by drunk driving and want no one else to suffer what they have and others have never been victimized, devoting themselves to making this world better.  I am so moved by everyone in our MADD family wherever I travel.  Each individual is an inspiration and I am uplifted in their gifts.

Here are a few of our wonderful MADD family in Orlando, Florida, who gathered for two days to do some strategic planning, culminating with a lovely Candlelight Vigil.

Sally, Helen, Victoria, Roberto, Carol, Jan
Dave Pinsker & Jan
Jan with Mike Cage 
Glynn Birch, Yolanda and Lennie Larson

     Then our MADD New Jersey family gathered to do their own strategic planning.

Fran and Maria

New Jersey volunteers with Vicki Knox and James Bryant

Below are individuals who attended the National Tribal Transportation Conference who are focused on protecting citizens in tribal nations from impaired driving and underage drinking.

The Anniversary of our Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving celebrated the hard work of everyone dedicated to ending this crime at the National Press Club.  Illinois Senate President John Cullerton received an award and Qinetiq Bud Zaouk explained the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety.

Our friends in Law Enforcement are forever our heroes for the sacrifices they make to protect us.  Below are the officers on Maryland’s Eastern Shore who received recognition for their efforts.

The culmination of a year’s work came with an invitation from the Secretary of Transportation for a delightful White House Holiday Tour for our fantastic tireless public policy team, Frank Harris, Stephanie Manning, and JT Griffin.


MADD Magic fuels my spirit.   Everyone in our MADD family is an inspiration, a reason to keep on keeping on and a reason to know we will eliminate this violent crime.   You each offer friendship, determination, empathy, passion, kindness, bravery and vision.  I wish you a holiday full of Hope. 



Submitted by I Care at 07:29 PM on December 26, 2011
I live in a town that has a Saturday night party at a local resturant. The people that attend these parties are drunk before arriving and contunie to drink till the time they leave. They are being served even though they are intoxicated. The local police look the other way knowing this has gone on for years. Who can be contacted to put a stop to this. I have never seen anything like this to be allowed in any city or state, like its allowed here. It scares me for the people out there after this party is over at 2 am here every week. Please help.
Submitted by Going to change these laws at 02:00 PM on December 20, 2011
Look at all of you how can you stand up there so proud. I do understand things have to change but the laws you help put in place just about put me on the streets to live ill no in 5 months. New years even I drove home after 2 drinks .08 pulled over by the chp passed their test and still went to jail. Dmv is so a speraited state cause I payed them about 3-4 diff time through out this ordeal went to court the it was time to pay the state did my classes. Payed them. Opp to due commuity servers o did you no you have to pay to do that. So the gudge gave me my conviction I'm ok with it almost do with this bull check check check my lawyer said your lucky you don't have to get the interlock on your car guess what gudge said I don't need it dmv said I don't care what the court said your getting it wait this is still the USA right wait DMV is its self lil CIA so I have to get it wait again don't forget the new industry that's in on the pay off of all the drunk drivers there's about 3-5 diff company's that install these divices wow does everyone have to Make money off of this. Well a lil about me I'm 45 and never been in jail now I don't have a job because I have a DUI on my record 19 yrs with my company there going to repo my car now I moved in with my son how hard do you think it's going to be to get a job at my age. Wait before you say it wah wah you should of not been driving i could of killed someone but wait we dont covicted people on you could of. This should be tooken on a case by case bases don't lump everyone in the same ball. Just like you people changed these laws I'm going to try the same thing I'm not the only voice out here in DUI class there were two ER doctors, a mother that had 2 glasses of wine with her dinner well at dinner with a friend were out her mothers and this is bullshit remember me cause I need to change this.

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