The Magic of MADD

I often tell folks that when I reached out to MADD I didn’t just receive help, I received hope.  That hope rests in the beauty of the many people in MADD, people who believe and never give up in moving toward a nation with no more drunk driving, people who passionately go the extra mile, and people who care – who are dedicated to saving lives and are devoted to supporting those who have been victimized.   Many are courageous individuals who have been victimized by drunk driving and want no one else to suffer what they have and others have never been victimized, devoting themselves to making this world better.  I am so moved by everyone in our MADD family wherever I travel.  Each individual is an inspiration and I am uplifted in their gifts.

Here are a few of our wonderful MADD family in Orlando, Florida, who gathered for two days to do some strategic planning, culminating with a lovely Candlelight Vigil.

Sally, Helen, Victoria, Roberto, Carol, Jan
Dave Pinsker & Jan
Jan with Mike Cage 
Glynn Birch, Yolanda and Lennie Larson

     Then our MADD New Jersey family gathered to do their own strategic planning.

Fran and Maria

New Jersey volunteers with Vicki Knox and James Bryant

Below are individuals who attended the National Tribal Transportation Conference who are focused on protecting citizens in tribal nations from impaired driving and underage drinking.

The Anniversary of our Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving celebrated the hard work of everyone dedicated to ending this crime at the National Press Club.  Illinois Senate President John Cullerton received an award and Qinetiq Bud Zaouk explained the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety.

Our friends in Law Enforcement are forever our heroes for the sacrifices they make to protect us.  Below are the officers on Maryland’s Eastern Shore who received recognition for their efforts.

The culmination of a year’s work came with an invitation from the Secretary of Transportation for a delightful White House Holiday Tour for our fantastic tireless public policy team, Frank Harris, Stephanie Manning, and JT Griffin.


MADD Magic fuels my spirit.   Everyone in our MADD family is an inspiration, a reason to keep on keeping on and a reason to know we will eliminate this violent crime.   You each offer friendship, determination, empathy, passion, kindness, bravery and vision.  I wish you a holiday full of Hope.