A Growing Problem

The drugged driving issue is an emerging problem, yet the nation doesn’t know the magnitude of the problem. Some of the challenges we face on the issue today are:

  • There are many impairing drugs—both legal and illegal—that can impair driving skills: over-the-counter, prescription, legal medicinal/recreational marijuana, and illicit drugs.
  • There are drivers who get behind the wheel with a combination of alcohol and drugs, called “poly use,” in their system creating another set of issues. 
  • There is no widespread, consistent data collection among the states, like there is for drunk driving.

Regardless, MADD wants to be part of the solution. Drugged driving, like drunk driving, is a choice and 100% preventable crime, resulting in devastating consequences for innocent families.

MADD changed its mission statement in 2015 to include, “help fight drugged driving.” We have long supported victims and survivors of drugged driving crashes in addition to supporting law enforcement’s efforts to deter and detect drugged drivers to keep our roads save. And we will continue to do so.