Court Monitoring

Court monitoring plays an important part of MADD’s work to eliminate drunk driving. It operates as a credibility check on the criminal justice system by observing and documenting what happens in a courtroom. Studies have shown that the mere presence of a court monitor in a courtroom has a positive effect on adjudication and sentencing of defendants in a variety of cases.

The goals of MADD’s Court Monitoring program are to reduce repeat offenses and create a criminal justice system that is transparent and accountable for its actions by:

  • Promoting public interest in the judicial system and awareness in the outcomes of criminal cases.
  • Compiling information on how DUI/DWI cases are handled.
  • Creating relevant reports and publicizing the findings.

MADD’s Court Monitoring program focuses on drunk and drugged driving cases that are adjudicated in the criminal courts and is seen as a beneficial tool for law enforcement, prosecution and judges.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a MADD court monitor, contact your local MADD office.