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Highlighted editorials from across the United States supporting ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers

"So far, 28 states and the District of Columbia have attacked the problem by requiring interlocks for anyone convicted of DUI — with heartening results. ... This approach is a proven success in this country. And it has another virtue, compared to lowering the permissible BAC: It inconveniences the guilty rather than the innocent."

— Chicago Tribune

The right way to combat drunken driving, January 11, 2017


"This is good legislation that provides a modern, common-sense solution to a real problem. We know too many addicted alcoholics can’t help themselves in fighting their addiction and make bad choices to get behind the wheel. This law makes sure the car won’t start when they try."

— Lima (OH) News

‘Annie’s law’ makes roads safer from drunken drivers, January 6, 2017


"Intrusive? Of course it’s intrusive, and properly so. The law would apply to drivers who have been convicted of being inebriated while steering a ton or more of steel and glass down public streets and, potentially, into the path of innocent drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bystanders. ... Every criminal penalty carries elements of both punishment and prevention. Ignition interlock devices are designed to prevent repeat violations and protect innocent people from harm. "

— Los Angeles Times

Want to stop drunk drivers from reoffending? Lock them out, June 16, 2016


"BEGRUDGINGLY, MARYLAND’S power brokers appear to be relenting on legislation that would expand the use of mandatory Breathalyzers installed on the dashboards of motorists convicted of drunken driving — a measure urged by a state task force seven years and many hundreds of highway accidents and deaths ago. It’s about time."

— The Washington Post

Ending Maryland’s enabling of drunk drivers, March 10, 2016


"Wisconsin should require ignition locks in the cars of all convicted drunken drivers. The devices prevent vehicles from starting if they detect alcohol on the breath of drivers. "

— Wisconsin State Journal

"Smart legislation still needed for DUI", June 2, 2013


"This page supported the successful push in the 1990s to lower the Illinois standard to 0.08. We have supported the push for ignition interlocks for offenders, in which drivers have to blow into a device that measures their blood alcohol content, and harsher consequences for repeat offenders. Let's keep the emphasis on technology such as interlocks. Illinois will soon require that cameras be equipped on interlock devices to prevent drunken drivers from evading the system by having someone else blow into the device."

— Chicago Tribune

Editorial: Will states lower the drunken driving standard to 0.05?, June 1, 2013


"Ignition locks let people convicted of drunken driving keep driving for work, school and other necessities, without putting others at risk. The shift — from suspended licenses to this technology — requires a philosophical shift from punishment to prevention. More important, it's proven to stop drunken drivers and save lives in the process."

— Star Ledger

"Post-DWI, ignition locks are a smart alternative to a suspension: Editorial", May 28, 2013


"What the Legislature could do, and should do, is to require convicted drunken drivers to install ignition interlock devices to prevent them from driving after they have been drinking. "

— The Times of Northwest Indiana

"Ignition interlock devices are key to safety", May 21, 2013


"Given the danger drunken drivers pose, it makes sense to counter their irresponsible use of alcohol with a safeguard that helps protect the innocent."

— The Jackson Sun

"Our View: New ignition interlock law will help make roads safer", May 16, 2013


"Let's not continue to make innocent motorists part of the life lesson for drunken drivers"

— The Tennessean

"TN could dramatically cut DUI deaths with device"($ pay to view), April 11, 2013


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