Support our Heroes

Officers keep us safe in many ways, including on the roadways. They work long hours with low pay, deal with difficult situations, and put themselves in danger on a daily basis—and some pay the ultimate price.  Forty-four percent of the officers killed in the line of duty were killed in traffic crashes.  That’s why MADD supports these heroes who keep our roads safe.

Sobriety Checkpoints

We want enforcement to work so well that there are no offenders to catch, because no one is driving drunk.  Thus, the goal of enforcement is to deter people from ever committing the crime (and to apprehend those who do).

One of the most effective enforcement tools is sobriety checkpoints, which are proven to reduce fatalities by 20 percent.  Checkpoints are typically publicized in advance and signs are posted at the approach to the checkpoints.  Vehicles are stopped in a specific sequence (e.g., every other vehicle or every fourth vehicle) at predetermined points on the roadway.

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

MADD also supports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and law enforcement in their impaired driving crackdowns.  After all, to deter potential drunk drivers, they have to know enforcement is out there.  The crackdowns do just that – let people know that law enforcement is keeping a special eye out for drunk drivers during dangerous parts of the year. 

What can you do to help?  You can be the eyes and ears to help prevent drunk driving by learning the signs of a drunk driver and what to do when you see one here.


"reducing drunk driving deaths by 20 percent on average." Read More