Victim Impact Panel


Mothers Against Drunk Driving believes that drunk drivers and potential impaired drivers need to hear what happens to victims in impaired driving crashes.  The Victim Impact Panel is a tool for accomplishing this goal.

MADD affiliates select a panel of two or three victims to speak briefly about the impaired driving collisions in which they were injured or a loved one was killed or injured.  They describe how those crashes have tragically impacted their personal lives.  Speakers do not blame or judge those who attend the panel.  They simply tell their experiences and relate how their lives and families have been affected by the crashes.  Victims do not speak to groups in which their own offenders are present.  There is no interaction between victims and offenders during the panel presentation however everyone is invited to talk with the speakers when the program is over.

Judges, probation officers and military commanders require convicted DUI offenders to attend a Victim Impact Panel as an element of their sentences.  The panel does not replace conventional sentencing but adds a relevant, thought-provoking component.  After the sentence is pronounced, the offender is informed of the various dates, times and locations of the panels.  Attendance is reported to the courts for proof of compliance.  Warrants will be issued for those offenders who fail to attend the panel and they must return to court for appropriate sanction.  NO ONE will be admitted if they are impaired by ANY amount of alcohol or other drugs.

MADD San Diego County holds 4 English Victim Impact Panels monthly and 3 Spanish Victim Impact Panels every other month (January, March, May, July, September and November) in the four Adult County Courthouses.  There is no pre-registration.  Panels are not held on court holidays or when the courts are closed.  Early arrival is recommended.  Seating is limited, particularly at the El Cajon and Chula Vista locations.  The schedule is as follows:
Chula Vista Courthouse Jury Lounge, 500 Third Avenue, 91910
  English  3rd Tuesday evening  4:45 PM
  Spanish  4th Tuesday evening  4:45 PM

El Cajon Courthouse Jury Lounge, 250 East Main Street, 92020
  English  3rd Thursday evening  4:45 PM

San Diego Hall of Justice Jury Lounge, 330 West Broadway, 92101
  English   2nd Tuesday evening  6 PM
  Spanish  3rd Wednesday evening 6 PM

Vista Courthouse Jury Lounge, 325 South Melrose, 92083
  English  4th Wednesday evening 4:45 PM
  Spanish  2nd Wednesday evening 4:45 PM

                                                      ●A $20 donation is suggested●

For additional details call the Victim Impact Panel information line at: (858) 564-0785.

MADD San Diego County
(858) 564-0780