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You can make a difference now to stop drunk driving in Georgia. Please email your Senators and Representatives in support of ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers. Ignition interlocks have a proven track record of preventing repeat offenses.  Currently, 17 states, plus a CA pilot program,  have this lifesaving law in place. Due to all offender interlock laws enacted in both New Mexico and Arizona, those states have seen drunk driving fatalities decrease by over 30 percent. 

*For more information on ignition interlocks please visit www.madd.org/interlock.

As a resident of Georgia, you can do something today: Take Action in Georgia now


Learn more about taking action now! You can take action all through the year on both a Federal and State Level.

March 24, 2014 MADD UNDER THE DOME DAY has been CANCELLED as of 3/15/2014 due to the Georgia Legislature wrapping up this week due to the earlier Georgia primary.

Photo from 2013 Under the Dome Day

MADD Under the Dome Day 2014 day has been cancelled due to the Legislature getting out early this year.

If you are interested in being part of MADD advocacy  were you can educate lawmakers on interlocks on first time DUI offenders, please contact barry.martin@madd.org or cynthia.hagain@madd.org.  MADD will hold other lobby days and rallies in support of ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers and other important initiatives. Thank you for calling, emailing, writing, and visiting your legislators on behalf of MADD!

Event Date: Febrary 9, 2015

Event Time: 8am to 5pm with the press conference at 11am. If you can only come for an hour, please attend for the press conference.

Meeting Location: Inside the Capital on the 2nd floor in the South Atrium
Attire: Business Dress 
What to Bring: Photo ID-Photo identification is required to get into the State Capital and Coverdale Legislative Buildling.  If your loved one is deceased, bring a photo of your loved one. If you are injured, please bring a photo of yourself before you were injured, or to show the stages of your injuries.

More information to come

MADD Under the Dome Day Information February 9, 2015