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In 2011, 15 percent of all drivers involved in fatal crashes during the week were drunk, compared to 31 percent on weekends.
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What is a MADD certified Victim Impact Panel?

It is a two hour class that the court may require a person to attend as an additional form of sentencing for those ticketed with DUI, other traffic violations and those under 21. Attendees get to hear the poignant stories of those whose lives have been permanently affected by an impaired or reckless driver or those affected by underage drinking. Only classes offered by MADD are MADD certified VIPs.


Please bring to the panel:

1) Entry amount in the form of a $50 money order OR a $50 certified bank check made payable to MADD. This is required.

• NO CASH and NO PERSONAL CHECKS.  If you have cash, you will need to have it converted into a money order or into a certified bank check.
           ◦money orders are issued by banks, convenient stores, grocery stores, etc. Some places charge a fee for getting a money order
           ◦certified bank checks are issued by banks (these are not PERSONAL checks)
Some panels charge an additional $15.00 fee (blank money order only) for the breathalyzer test. Please check locations for details & instructions.

2) A Photo ID  is required 

• Drivers license,  Passport,  ID Card, School ID, ATM or Sams Card with a photo, etc.
• If we do not have a photo ID of some kind we cannot let you in.
• A GA ID Card can be issued by DDS if your license has been revoked or lost. Click here for details

3) Copy of your court papers so you know where you were sentenced. This is not required if you remember the city or county.


Please respect the following guidelines:

You may be asked to take a breathalyzer test or some other field sobriety test for entry into the VIP.  
          ◦If you are found to be under the influence of any substance, you will be asked to leave without a refund.  
          ◦Please do not attend the panel under the influence of any substance.

•Please sign in CLEARLY, we cannot make a receipt-certificate if we cannot read your name

If you arrive LATE, you WILL NOT BE ADMITTED.

•Anyone who has consumed alcohol or other substances prior to attending will not be admitted

•No eating, drinking, sleeping, reading, talking, texting, etc is allowed during the panel.

•Please remove all hats, hoods, & sunglasses.

•Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated

•Please turn off all cell phones, pagers and all electronic devices

•Please follow all site locations rules--"no smoking" policies enforced

NO PRE-REGISTRATION is required for any panel.  Some locations have LIMITED seatingIt is recommended that you arrive on time and no more than 5 minutes before the beginning of sign in time and at least 30 minutes before the end of sign in time.  First come, first served.

•Relatives and guests may be asked to wait outside during the session;  they will be let in ONLY if space permits

•Teenagers under 18 should not be brought to the panel sessions unless accompanied by an adult or court ordered; no children allowed

•VIP Agenda: All panels last about 2 hours. Please use the restroom before entering. You will check in & pay the fee, hear the presentation, fill out an anonymous survey, and get your receipt-certification of completion to give to the court. 

•Please make a copy of your receipt-certificate for your own records before giving it to probation or the court. There is a $25 fee for duplicate or lost receipts-certificates

•MADD reserves the right to deny entry and/or to remove you from the course if these or any other guidelines not listed are not met without any refund.

•Arguments with volunteers and/or staff over guidelines or ejections will be reported to probation/court.

•MADD reserves the right to change the time, location, or entry amount of the panel. All attendees should double check dates, times, and location via hotline or website. MADD reserves the right to make changes without notification.

•VIPs may be closed to inclement weather (snow, ice, flooding, etc). Never drive in dangerous weather or during hazardous road conditions.

Please do not call the location that is hosting the VIP as they will not give out directions or information for the program. Go to Mapquest, Yahoo maps or some search engine before driving to the location. It is best to print the driving and parking info that is listed under each location on the location page (link at the bottom).

DO YOU NEED A REPLACEMENT RECEIPT? If yes, you must contact the State Office to get a replacement at 770-615-3737 ext 7350 or via email at . Please do not contact the location as they are not MADD and have no access to the paperwork. You must be able to name the location and date where you attended in order to see if you are eligible to receive a replacement. If you can receive one, they cost $25.00 and must be in a completed money order or certified bank check made out to MADD. Contact the State Office for more info.

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