Volunteers are critical to making sure that MADD Maryland’s efforts are successful across the state.  The compassion and determination of our volunteers drives the organization and it is through their tireless efforts that we have accomplished so much.

MADD Maryland offers many volunteer opportunities whether you’re interested in volunteering a couple of times a year or a couple of times a week, there is a place for you at MADD. All volunteers receive training and serve an important role in making a difference in our community.

MADD’s ongoing, one-time and event specific volunteer opportunities include:

  • Walk Like MADD: Join us in this annual event held in May.  Walk Like MADD is a fun, community-driven 5K fundraiser that also helps raise community awareness of drunk driving in order to help save lives.  Volunteers are needed to serve as Planning Committee Members and Team Captains to help grow this signature MADD event Volunteers are needed on the day of the event to help assure that walkers have the best experience possible. To register to Walk Like MADD with us visit www.walklikemadd.org/baltimore
  • Cookies for Cops:  To say “thank you” for their life-saving work, MADD Maryland is launching its 7th annual Cookies for Cops campaign this holiday season. With the help of community partners and volunteers such as you, we intend to deliver well-deserved holiday cheer to each and every law enforcement agency in the state.  Our campaign will run Thanksgiving Eve through New Year’s Eve. We ask that you join us in our efforts to thank these heroes by partnering or volunteering to purchase baking supplies, bake cookies, pack and decorate boxes, and/or deliver packages to local law enforcement agencies.
  • Victim Impact Panels: Help with registration or become a volunteer speaker for a Victim Impact Panel (VIP) through which MADD volunteers share with DUI and DWI offenders how their lives have been impacted by drunk driving.
    Victim Services: Become a trained MADD Volunteer Victim Advocate for victims of drunk driving crashes. Support our work across the state to offer support and guidance to victims and their families.
  • Power of Parents, It’s Your Influence™: Become a trained facilitator MADD’s Power of Parents, It’s Your Influence™ program and hold free 30-minute workshops that give parents and caregivers helpful information and a parent handbook in order to equip them with conversational tools to talk to their teens about alcohol use.
  • Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving: Support local law enforcement by attending sobriety checkpoints or role-call briefings and let the officers know about MADD and our appreciation of their efforts.

To apply to be a MADD Volunteer please complete the Volunteer Application by clicking here and return via mail, fax, or email.  For more information or to speak with someone directly, please feel free to call us at 410-964-5757 or 1-800-446-6233 or e-mail brittany.davenport@madd.org.